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    Also forgot to mention:
    I like MBTI because Before I learned it people were confusing. With MBTI, I was able to figure out and categorize people into a system, which was amazing for its function and just how fun it was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by heavydirtysoul View Post
    I'm pretty sure I am on the fe and ti axis. I never know how to explain what feel, if I was forced to pick I'd deal with others people's feelings over my own, I don't have stong morals, I love arguing because I can switch perspectives easily and see the flaws on both sides of the argument, when I was younger I could be a little bit manipulative, and for the most part naturally change my personality depending on who I'm with.
    Sounds ENTP or ENFP. Probably ENTP because less on the personal side, but it depends what you mean by morals. ENFPs are often more like if it hurts no one, who cares. They wouldn't care about traditional morals, but be pretty aware of the consequences of actions.
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