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    My two best friends and I are looking for an ISTP Male about 30 years old to add to our group...I'm an ENFJ and my friends are an ENTP and an ISFP. The problem is, we can't find one anywhere..can someone tell us what cities are more likely to attract ISTPs?

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    Well, you can find a ISTP anywhere in theory. If you want to befriend an ISTP, the easiest way to do so is probably share some sort of activity or interest with them that you can talk about or participate in together. Now of course, type does not necessarily equal interest so I can't say "ISTPs like this" because it will be different.

    I also would be wary of looking for friends solely based on MBTI type. Mistyping is common both for individuals and for people trying to determine the types of others. Sometimes, type can be picked upon quickly (or fairly quickly, sometimes it's one function that will make itself evident). Besides, there is a lot of variation within a type and there are some toxic people of any type. Friendships between all types are possible (though some types do tend to click a little better naturally).

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