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    Default INTP or INFP integrating inferior function

    im fairly new to mbti, but I'm a long time reader of c g Jung. Recently I've been taking these online test again and trying to understand my own typology. I've also read psychological types by Jung and I try to determine my type based on his descriptions. I compare the what he said about types with my online test results. After reading psychological types it seems very difficult to determine your type from a online test. Regardless, what seem to score online seems close to what I seem to be based on jungs terminology. I've scored as a intp and a infp. It's the t and f that I'm not certain about. I've studied Jung for a while now and I've done allot of personal work to withdraw anima projections and integrate the anima into my inner life in a more Conscious way. Jung mentioned during a lecture that the anima is the same as the inferior function. So what I'm thinking is that perhaps because of the work I've done of becoming Consuious of my anima, my inferior function has taken a stronger role in my conscious life, thus giving me the interchangible test results and the difficulty in determining my type. Any thoughts on this? Particularly what happens to a persons typology as the proceed on the path of individuation, interacting with the unconscious and integrating it. What happens to a persons type as they move their center closer to the Self?

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    You will know inside which preference is your strongest most-primary: N, S, T or F. If you're between T and F, then neither are your primary, since they're opposites.

    INxP is an incredibly common typing, which is why many INxPs are Ni dominant with no inferior F or T.

    I think the function descriptions of Jung and MBTI are more just wrong/oversimplified. INxP can be understood as a Primary Intuitive, a Perceiver with Ni primary. Other types like TiNe and FiNe may also get INTP or INFP on a test result, but not INxP.

    Part of the problem of function descriptions is having to re-understand what an Introverted vs Extraverted function really is so that you can type accurately--the fundamental essence thus:

    Xi focuses purely internally, cultivating one's worldview
    Xe focuses purely externally, reacting to the circumstance

    Pi - open-minded open-ended worldview
    Ji - developing a strong conviction worldview
    Pe - attentive external perception / information-seeking
    Je - strong external order/resolve

    Part of the problem with tests (and even descriptions) is that (A) they don't give your result based on your primary preference, and (B) they don't capture the J/P difference very well. Thus even the type descriptions are wrong as they incorporate incorrect preference stereotypes. ie. INTP and INTJ descriptions are oft interchangeable and miss the point of the types.

    Here's a brief simplification to help you type yourself
    INxP - strongly developed worldview and convictions (Ji), worst at external order/resolve (Je)
    INxJ - open-minded open-ended viewpoints (Pi), worst at outward attention and perceiving (Pe)

    The secondary and tertiary functions are near equal, and are given less importance than the primary, while the inferior is the weakest. Hence why Je goes largely ignored in INxPs where there's an imbalanced obsession towards Ji, while Pe goes largely ignored in INxJs where there's an imbalanced obsession towards Pi.
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    I'm more concerned with what an Introverted vs Extroverted Function really is in the human mind, than I am with the mainstream definitions.
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