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    Default Type me based on this questionnaire

    Self-Preservation (Need to protect and preserve)
    1. Do you tend to save money and are cautious about spending it?
    I'm cautious about spending it on small or useless things. I find more security in objects/items than I do in money itself. So I tend to spend often, but on very carefully chosen, reliable, versatile, expensive things. If I buy something, I'm always trying to make sure it's something I can use in many situations, for many purposes, for many years. I'd feel very depressed if I'd spend my salary on things that don't last long and/or have only a single purpose/function.
    2. Are you security oriented? Ready to protect yourself, those close to you and your resources?
    Not sure if this qualifies as "security oriented", more like ready to respond to a challenge whenever it presents itself. My ability to protect myself, my family, or my property is closely tied to my self-esteem. If I'd fail to protect X or Y, then I'd just feel worthless.
    3. Are you fairly consistent? Like things known and regular? No big changes?
    50/50, it depends on how convinced/assured am I of my ability to handle change in a particular environment. See it from this point of view: if you're big and strong, then entering a new (potentially dangerous) environment doesn't feel as threatening, because you know you can defend yourself or overcome any sudden challenge. If you're sickly or feeble, no matter how interested you are in the mysteries of said new environment, you'd likely avoid it if it would feel threatening, because you're consciously aware of the fact that you can't defend yourself in case something happens. I have this same approach to new and sudden things. If I have the mental/physical capacity to withstand whatever novelty can throw at me, I will pursue it with vigor. If I have doubts about my ability to withstand said particular novelty, I will avoid it with caution.
    4. Do you dislike taking big risks unless it's a "sure" thing?
    Again a 50/50 thing. I must admit I am somewhat of a gambler (never actually did any gambling, but I'm referring to taking chances in unsure situations). I can test my luck fairly often, but it always depends on circumstances. How will my risk-taking affect others, and whether I will be able to get myself out of trouble if it fucks me up in the future.
    5. Are you fairly private? Not revealing too much to strangers?
    Many people would describe me as very private, I would describe me as very open. The reason for this is that I often refuse to accept offers/questions from other people, but when I do answer, I always answer honestly. This kinda annoys me, because I'd love to be able to tell convincing lies and manipulate people more. But I tend to be honest whenever I speak, it's just that I don't speak very often (to strangers).
    6. Do you tend to be introverted?
    Meh? Maybe? Hard to tell, because I'm extremely extroverted around close people, and extremely introverted around strangers.
    7. Do you understand money? Securities? Investments?
    I guess I do, I just don't focus too much attention on them, as I view this kind of stuff as the "background noise" of life.
    8. Do you tend to plan for the future? Ready for emergencies?
    Do I plan for emergencies? Yes. People even say that I'm too paranoid, as I tend to imagine every possible worst-case scenario, and prepare myself mentally and materially for it. My fixation on "what could go wrong?" is annoying to others though. As I often tend to tell of my "prophecies" to everyone around me, and it just ruins their mood.
    As for whether I tend to plan for the future in general? I always "keep my finger" on the future, but I rarely taken any definitive action in regard to it.
    9. Are you concerned about health? Safety? Comfort? Home? Hearth?
    Concerned about health? - 75% (medium level of concern)
    Concerned about safety? - 101% (extreme level of concern)
    Concerned about comfort? - 35% (meh level of concern)
    Concerned about hearth? - I don't have a furnace.
    10. Are you worried about what may go wrong? Tend to imagine worse case scenarios?
    Yes, already talked about this in point #8.
    11. Do you like things spelled out? Details? Exact information? Guarantees?
    12. In relationships do you take care of others financially?
    I prefer everyone to pull his own weight, but I can spoil people every once in a while and enjoy it.

    Social (Need for Social Validation) - Can show up with strong focus on groups, organizations, family, world, friends, your surroundings, your social image
    1. Do you need or really like social validation?
    Probably yes. But not a lot of it. I'm a weird mix of "socially rebellious" combined with "socially dependent". I extremely care about the genuine / true / honest opinion people have of me, as that's valuable data I can use to determine whether my self-worth and my efforts at improving myself are up to par. But at the same time, I also feel a good amount of rejection of the opinions/values my social environment holds, and absolutely hate being manipulated or complimented without a reason.
    So in short, I'm not a social butterfly who seeks attention in order to feel comfortable about himself. Neither am I someone who would accept the views/values of others just to be accepted into a group. But I also can't entirely rely on my inner understanding of who I am or what my worth is, without analyzing how others see me.
    2. Is social image important to you?
    Yes. But sadly I don't do a lot to improve it.
    3. Do you have desires/fantasies of being rewarded in a social or public arena?
    Only if this "reward" entails getting a high-ranked position in public office or military. I don't care about anything else. Don't want any medals or noble peace prizes.
    4. Do you think about your affect on others, groups, organizations, and the world?
    Yes, always.
    5. Is it very important to you to look good in public, groups, work, and the world? Is name recognition important, either yours or others?
    Well, I don't want to look pathetic, weak, ugly, incompetent, tasteless, stupid, etc. Everything that makes me look: confident, tasteful, intelligent, able to defend oneself, and in control of my body and my fate/life, powerful - is good in my book.
    6. Are you upset if you don't get enough validation, reward for the hard and creative work you do in a social context or for a social cause?
    Everyone gets upset. But it doesn't bother me much. I experience it often, especially at work. I'll feel annoyed about it for 5 minutes, and then quickly move on. And make sure nobody finds out I'm upset about it (during those 5 minutes of me being upset). As soon as the feeling passes, I instantly set my heart and body on achieving something else, maybe I will get validated for it. And if not... then there's always something else I could do later, right?
    7. Are you involved in groups, organizations and team oriented activities?
    Depends on how much I'm interested in the subject of the group's work. If the work is related to something I enjoy a lot, or have a keen experience/skill/talent in, I won't only join the group, I'll infiltrate it, highjack the leadership-position, and start leading the group to my desired goal/result. If the work however doesn't peak my interest, I will avoid the group completely.
    8. Is belonging to special groups or being a leader of a group important to you?
    Yes, but these groups shouldn't just be "special". They should be "special to me". (so if the group is considered special in general public opinion, but isn't interesting to me personally, then I won't care at all about being part of it or about leading it)
    9. Are you strongly upset if you feel not included or rejected by a group or family or not invited to a social event?
    Nope. I prefer to decide myself whether I want to be somewhere. I hate being invited or asked to go/come somewhere, because if doing so conflicts with my interests concerning said event, I'll feel very uncomfortable, as it's equivalent to being put on the spot.
    10. Do you make your money through your association with groups affecting a large number of people?
    Does working for a very large international company apply to this definition? If yes, then ... yes? I like working for big companies, since it's prestigious, I guess?
    11. Do you get really upset if you make a social faux pas? Do you think about and plan out how you will be or present yourself in public?
    12. Are you the social instigator and connector in your family?
    No. I tend to cause more conflict, than connect people.

    Relationship (Need for 1 to 1 or Relationship Closeness)
    1. Do you define yourself through a romantic or close partnership? Is closeness with another person of paramount importance?
    Being close by itself doesn't matter much to me. Being close to a person whom I admire, does matter a lot to me. But finding admirable people is difficult.
    I guess it does feel very comfy/nice to be close to even imperfect/unadmirable people. But just because it feels nice, doesn't mean I actively seek that closeness. I have a very passive disposition towards it: if closeness comes, let it come. If it doesn't come, then who needs it?
    2. Do you like intense energy, particularly in relating to people? Are you energized when you have a revealing conversation or engagement with another, particularly a special other?
    I sure like intense energy. I'm not entirely sure though about the rest of the question. If by "energized" you mean entering my "battle-mode", then yeah.
    3. Do you tend to focus more attention on close relationships than money?
    Nope. Money and relationships have about equal importance to me.
    4. Does money relate to how a partner will see you more than security for yourself?
    Never thought about this. Can't say for sure. I guess I primarily want to be judged for my abilities/talents/efforts/courage. Money is something you can win in a lottery. Does winning a lottery suddenly make you attractive or admirable? Not.
    5. Are money and resources less for self and more to please an intimate other?
    I sometimes feel an extreme desire to buy a bunch of shit for other people, but in the end I probably still spend more on myself. About 50/50 on this question.
    6. Does your attention go more to how well you relate to a partner or potential partner than to other concerns?
    Maybe.... 50/50 again.
    7. Would others describe you as dramatic? Do you like to go deep with things?
    Extremely deep, extremely dramatic. People tell me to stop making elephants out of flies, and to stop over-analyzing a problem, phenomenon, statement, interaction, art piece, etc.
    8. Do you tend to be in the moment and not think as much about the future or your future security?
    65% in the moment 35% in the future.
    9. Do you have an urge to merge? Do you "lose yourself" with an important other at times?
    Probably not. I think I know what this question means. I did sometimes feel like I'm mentally "merging" with someone, but I always instantly stopped myself and prevented it from happening. I hate losing the independence and ability of my mind/consciousness to stay "on top of things". If you merge, you might lose some of your autonomy and become blind and less objective.
    10. Do you like risk taking? New experiences? Tend to get bored without enough stimulation particularly in the area of relationships?
    Big risks - not in relationships. But as for taking small risks? Yes, I enjoy it. I don't like to see things growing stale. So I always, very gently and quietly, push the limits of what is acceptable or expected.
    For example, at work, I might act like the good/obedient employee for 1-2 months, but then suddenly test my employer/team by doing something selfish, bold or risky. I will always ensure that the risk I'm taking can be "fixed" incase things go south. But I always test/tease my environment in very subtle yet unexpected ways, because I like to expand my borders. (I guess you could call me psychologically-imperialistic in that regard, but not stupid nor rash)
    11. Are you focused more on connection with another and forget your own priorities?
    Probably not. My priorities still take precedence than any connections. But I can sometimes focus a lot on someone else's needs, and prioritize them over mine. (and I'm not expecting any connections as reward for doing so, it's just a "thing" I tend to do)
    12. Do you focus a lot on sexuality, romantic fantasies or mystical spiritual experiences?
    On sexuality: somewhat more than most people.
    On romantic fantasies: less than most people.
    On mystical spiritual experiences: more than most people. I'm a bit too into it sometimes, that it feels embarrassing.

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    I'm pretty sure this questionnaire is for instinctual variants. Is that what you wanted?
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    Not really sure yet. Have a look at INTJ maybe.

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