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Thread: isfp vs intj

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    Default isfp vs intj

    Both are creative, both can be emo, both of them have careers in music, art and therapy.
    Intjs are nerds who want to take over the world so they can feel powerful, in a metaphorical sense.
    isfps just want to enjoy their life and follow their morals.
    Ni te is visions guided by actions. Fi se is personal feelings guided by senses.
    Intjs are stuck up and tend to think they are better than everyone.
    Isfps do not have that issues.
    Intjs will use experiments direct to a particular goal that they have in mind.
    Isfps will protect their friends and come across as a bit maternal at points.
    intjs are a bit more open minded compared to isfp, I say this because ji doms in general are pretty stubborn when it comes to their conclusions about a situation or a person, it works for them and it does not. pi doms might listen a bit more to gather information and come to their perception of you.
    Both of them are lazy, but for different reasons. Intjs are lazy due to lack of willpower, they have the vision but not the will. Isfps do not have the ambition or vision to go on, they have the motivation.
    Ni fi loop vs fi ni loop.
    Ni fi loop is vision asking fi for tips, fi may say do what pleases you.
    fi ni is like listening to music, fi is saying i am feeling the music and ni uses those feelings to show you a symbolic picture of how you feel.

    isfps example; dan kso's mom chase young from xiaolin showdown
    intj example; isaac newton hannibal roy bean
    In order for society to survive, we must all pitch in and cooperate with one another, split the resources fairly.
    If we get greedy, everything will fall apart
    The main reason why there is no long peace is because everything is set and stone.
    Another is that resources are limited and the ones who had the most goes bad because they are in control.
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    INTJ Ni>Te>Fi>Se
    ISFP Fi>Se>Ni>Te

    The two types are relief functions of each other when stressed.

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