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Thread: esfj vs esfp

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    Default esfj vs esfp

    Both can be biased. Both can be rude. both can come across as bozo
    Esfjs can come across as off kilter in a natural sense.
    Esfps can come across as fun lovers and genuine.
    esfjs are kind of bipolar
    esfps are more stable, but can come across as assholes.
    fe ne is finding ways of trolling on people, but their si tells them to chill out
    se te can be best describe as a lot of force through the wall.
    fe is basically knowing how you feel and fi is understanding how you feel
    ti is finding a way to solve something. te is just getting it done
    esfps example: recoome, nappa from dbz,
    esfjs; sakura haruno from naruto, chichi from dbz

    esfjs men kind of acts gay
    In order for society to survive, we must all pitch in and cooperate with one another, split the resources fairly.
    If we get greedy, everything will fall apart
    The main reason why there is no long peace is because everything is set and stone.
    Another is that resources are limited and the ones who had the most goes bad because they are in control.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draon9 View Post
    esfjs men kind of acts gay
    My dad is an ESFJ and *gasp* a 2, but he's the furthest thing from gay aside from dressing slightly metrosexual during his youth, but hey, it was the 1970s/80s in a large metropolitan city.

    But thanks for the words of wisdom, draon. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.👍
    "A real artist may create his picture in a lonely desert... gods look over his shoulder; he creates in their company. What does he care whether or not anybody admires his picture?" {Rudolf Steiner}

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