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I have been exploring typology/psychology/neuroscience just for fun. My mother disagrees with all of it and could care less. To which, I brought up her devoutness to the Christian faith. Specifically because my middle son recently had an existential crisis because he didn't want to go to a Heaven where you could only feel joy and it thought it was unfair that he would have to go to Hell to experience sadness; and I was basically telling her to lay off the Jesus talk when they went to spend vacation time there.
My mother and I were discussing marriage/ relationships according to the Bible, because my oldest son just came out as what he labeled "bi-curious" a few months ago and his grandmother is the last person to know. (She's not very lenient) And I was sort of feeling her out because my oldest wants her acceptance but doesn't want to tell her if she won't be accepting. She essentially said, "marriage is a man and a woman." And I said well maybe its about archetype or personality type or anima vs animus.
And that's what got me thinking.
Interesting. Thanks for elaborating.

I hope your mother doesn't give your son a difficult time.