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There has to be some wiggle room somewhere in there, but LII and the w8 in 9w8 conflict a little.

The descriptions of Socionics are secondary to the structure and known to be debatable anyways, but w8's "get angry and kill it with fire / volcano that finally erupts" methods basically conflict with LII's avoidance of direct personal confrontation and total avoidance (which does align with 9, but is contrary to w8). There is a huge correlation between e8 and Socionics Se, but LII is Se PoLR.

In short, what you get with this--or at least how I relate to it--is that if someone pokes the Se PoLR, they eventually in some scenarios get an Se PoLR Bear rather than passively withdrawing from it as what is standard for a 9 and an LII. So, while the LII wants everything to be retained inside the "rational realm," the w8 might very well take action to bring it back into that realm if it should leave it. In other words, they might use power dynamics to counter, mitigate, or "cancel out" power dynamics. Mind you, the 8 also conflicts with 9 in and of itself anyways.

Thought you might be interested since you have been on the fence with your overall type and considering LII / 9w8??? IDK that I am necessarily these types either, but do you relate to this at all, or is it just me?
Yes, somewhat