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    Things lining up for me just so after years of everything falling apart.
    Perpetual mood

    "It is not the personality's task to tell the truth,
    but to seem to, try to, or try to seem to."

    Philip Trussell

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    That I know who I am and what I've done and can respect myself. That I have grown beyond the wretched thought that one must suffer all the time, that nothing else is real or meaningful. That I am capable of both lightness and heaviness. That I am willing to help others with their burdens and do not pretend that I will help when I am not willing. That I am honest and self-reflective. That I stand up for my friends. That I don't just remain silent and ignore when they are in need. That I try to protect others from the pain that I've experienced, which I try not to drown myself in. And that I can see at least one thing good in the release from bonds I thought were mutual: freedom. Silence from you shall equal silence from me.

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    I'm grateful that I never feel bitter towards others, it seems like a one way ticket to not being in possession of oneself to the full extent that is possible. It only leads to the trajectory of one's life being defined into flying straight into a mountain. In this respect at least, I'm pleased that I am by nature not someone who defaults to judging and condemning others. It is painful to be around people for whom that comes easiest. I want to comprehend as much as I can instead. I'm confident that I am not someone who struggles to draw the line nor am I without critical thinking faculties with which to determine when one should cut something off and therefore, do not live in fear. Judgement is based in closing the mind and closing the mind is a trademark fear-based response itself. I do not find much scary and perhaps this is why I struggle to see most things as alarming. I lived through something somewhat strange and difficult at a young age, I had to get through it alone, it made it clear to me that I am someone who knows they can handle anything. I will never go back to being the teenage girl who didn't know who she was, no matter how unhealthy I get down the road, the progress of understanding something is irreversible. I feel like I grown woman now, like someone who is legitimate and whose road/perspective is equally legitimate, like someone who can help others and sees it as natural to do so. I feel like I am myself and that, I am equal to others at last. It's almost hard to put it all into words. But I suppose the most concise summary of it can be conveyed in the spirit of the words I love who I am. Not because it is right nor because I believe I know what is right, but because it is so imperfect and natural. My way is not the way I think is right for all, but it is the way I know to be right for myself.


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    For candles, and lotion, and lemon balm tea.
    Chase the adventure. Cherish the joy.

    1. Eager to know or learn something.
    2. Strange; unusual.

    INTP ~ 9w1 2w1 5w6 so/sx ~ Burned Hufflepuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    Things lining up for me just so after years of everything falling apart.
    This may be happening for me too, I just have difficulty believing it after all the years of shit happening and getting used to that, so now I'm not even sure I believe in better and I'm suspicious about it.

    Which I think has become the default option in the wider world too and explains a lot.

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