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    Default Tritypes 945, 946 and 947

    Hello ! (:

    Does someone could explain to me the big differences between the tritypes 945, 946 and 947 (I think of all their variants too) please ? I find the descriptions online a too vague !
    The 945 is more aloof, reclusive, observant and somewhat a little bit analyctical ?
    The 947 is more happy, outgoing on the surface, but more prone to bittersweet feelings, melancholia, to be "up and down ?"
    The 946 is kind of in the middle, kind of nervous on time, but balanced ?

    Thanks in advance, bye ^^

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    I think the easiest ways to differentiate the three tritypes is by looking at the triads that they belong to, especially if (going by the order in which you have things), you seem to be struggling to differentiate the last and least powerful fix.

    945 is a triple withdrawn type. Of the three types listed, it's the least confrontational and likely the least comfortable with assertion, even if it's sx dom. More common among introverted types (though not exclusive to that I guess). While all three combinations focus a lot on their inner world, 945 deals with the world primarily through their inner processes, which means when presented with struggle or their inner needs/desires, they're more inclined to go into themselves to work things out. The 5 fix adds a more research inclination and inner trust.

    946 is double reactive (4+6), double attachment (6+9), and double withdrawn (4+9). With this tritype, there is somewhat of an internal struggle between wanting to connect and deal with the outside world and wanting to hide away within themselves. Comparatively to the other types, this tritype is known for emotional intensity. There is also a tendency to lack trust in others despite still wanting to connect. Despite this added internal depth, the 9 core would probable still maintain an easygoing front.

    947 is double optimism (7+9), double frustration (4+7), and double withdrawn. Of the three, this tritype is a bit more light and flighty in application. This type is a bit more adventurous, but likely more scattered and indulgent. Being double frustration they are idealists at heart, looking to make things better but perhaps lacking the follow through to make things happen. Nonetheless, gives off the impression of the smiley and personable introvert or reserved and cool extrovert depending on the combination. Least neurotic of the 3.
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    Thanks for the response @RooibosKrayfish, it's really helpful ( :
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