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    Default Bonjour ! Can you type me please ? ^^

    Hi again (;

    I know I have done an other thread, but this tritype questionnaire is very interesting !
    Thanks in advance !

    1.) Select all of your fears.
    - The fear of deprivation and pain.
    - The fear of lacking a unique, significant identity.
    - The fear of being evil or corrupt.
    - The fear of being harmed or controlled by others.
    - The fear of being unloved or unwanted by others.
    - The fear of loss and separation from others.
    - The fear of being without support or guidance.

    2) Choose your three worst tendencies.
    - Becoming frustrated with others because of their faults.
    - Becoming anxious about things that might happen.
    - Not taking action.

    3.) How do you express anger?
    - Repressed anger: Avoidance of showing anger openly, but it sometimes manifests as passive-aggressiveness.

    4.) How do you express shame :
    -- Externalized shame: Openly displays shame. May manifest as constantly needing approval or positive feedback.
    It’s more acting akwardly, blushing etc.
    When it’s someone who willfully tries to make me feel ashamed, I can react fiercely.

    5.) How do you express fear?
    - Internalized fear: Keeping fear to yourself. May manifest as not engaging in fun activities to avoid facing the fear contained within. I try to avoid doing things that scared me, in which it can have danger, even it’s seems a funny activity.

    6.) Select all sets of traits that are somewhat like you.

    - Observant, Detached,
    - Unique, Emotional, Creative, Self-Absorbed, Self Conscious.
    - Easygoing, Trusting, Conciliatory, Self-Effacing, Escapist, Passive Aggressive.
    - Empathetic, Sentimental, People-Pleasing,
    - Loyal, Trustworthy, Distrustful, Defensive.
    - Moralistic, Perfectionistic, Self-Discipline
    - Future Oriented, Open Minded,

    7.) Select all traits that apply to who you are.
    ○ Optimistic.
    ○ Escapist.
    ○ Hasty.
    ○ Futuristic.
    ○ Spontaneous.
    ○ Pleasure-Seeking.

    8.) Select all traits that apply to who you are.

    ○ Demonstrative.

    9.) Select all traits that apply to who you are.

    ○ Emotional. (internally)
    ○ Sensitive.
    ○ Refined.
    ○ Individualistic.
    ○ Introspective.
    ○ Self-Absorbed. (internally)
    ○ Self-Centered. (internally)
    ○ Socially Awkward.
    ○ Romantic.
    ○ Low Self-Esteem.
    ○ Shy.
    ○ Idealistic.
    ○ Complex.
    ○ Self-Expressive. (I want to express myself toward art, writing…)
    ○ Fantasizing.

    10.) Select all traits that apply to who you are :
    ○ Caring.
    ○ Helpful (I try to be when I can, but most of the time I don’t know what to do)
    ○ Supportive.
    ○ Demanding (internally too, or subtily)
    ○ Empathetic.
    ○ Selfless.
    ○ Friendly.
    ○ Approval-Seeking.
    ○ Needy (a little, subtily)
    ○ Kindhearted.

    11.) Select all traits that apply to who you are.
    ○ Over-Adaptive.
    ○ Resigning.
    ○ Paradoxical.
    ○ Distractible.
    ○ Easygoing.
    ○ Self-Effacing.
    ○ Receptive.
    ○ Agreeable.
    ○ Stable.
    ○ Complacent.
    ○ Indomitable.
    ○ Conciliatory.
    ○ Submissive.
    ○ Passive-Aggressive.
    ○ Stubborn.
    ○ Self-Forgetful.
    ○ Indecisive.
    ○ Conflict-Avoidant.
    ○ Unclear.

    12.) Select all traits that apply to who you are.
    ○ Inventive.
    ○ Contemplative.
    ○ Private.
    ○ Fearfully-Uncertain.
    ○ Independent.
    ○ Self-Motivated.
    ○ Withholding.
    ○ Insightful.
    ○ Detached.
    ○ Observant.
    ○ Eccentric.
    ○ Hypersensitive.
    ○ Intuitive.

    13.) Select all traits that apply to who you are.

    ○ Adaptable.
    ○ Image-Conscious.
    ○ Paragon.
    ○ Attention-Seeking.
    ○ Self-Deceptive.
    ○ Insecure.

    14.) Select all traits that apply to who you are.

    ○ Principled.
    ○ Obsessive.
    ○ Purist.
    ○ Ethical.
    ○ Disciplined.
    ○ Fixated.

    ○ Anger-Rejecting.
    ○ Serious.

    15.) Select all traits that apply to who you are.
    ○ Cautious.
    ○ Suspicious.
    ○ Evasive.
    ○ Cooperative.
    ○ Doubtful.
    ○ Rigid.
    ○ Mindful.
    ○ Anxious.
    ○ Defensive.
    ○ Loyal.
    ○ Ambivalent.
    ○ Worrying.

    16.) I feel that my pain cannot be understood by anyone else.
    - True.

    17.) My sense of self is based on my attachment to

    - My idealized, internal harmonious view of the world.

    18.) I am confrontational.
    - False.

    19.) I avoid suffering of any kind.
    - True.

    20.) My emotional guard is
    - Up, but sometimes I let down my guard when I feel safe.

    21.) I wish to be truly understood.
    - True.

    22.) I feel frustrated with

    - That being different doesn't get me what I seek, because I will not change who I am to be better appreciated.

    23.) To further avoid rejection, I
    - Try to love others so much that others won't reject me.

    24.) I often pretend that my fears don't exist.

    - False.

    25.) I will do anything to hear I'm valued.

    - False.

    26.) I openly express my anger.

    - False.

    27.) I have something missing that I must find.
    - True.

    28.) I don't enjoy introspection, because I don't like what I find.

    - False.

    29.) I get angry at and criticize myself.

    - False.

    30.) I can relate to, "I have value in the eyes of others".
    - False.

    31.) When confronted with a problem, I
    - Tend to withdraw, since I feel I can solve things on my own.
    I also can ask for help, and I can also put my head in the sand, waiting for things to go better on their own.

    32.) I avoid my anger whenever I can.
    - True.

    33.) I enjoy being able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.
    It depends. Freedom is important, but it’s not good to go too far.

    34.) I try to keep myself distracted.
    -True (But not in a extrem way)

    35.) I have trouble acknowledging my anger.
    - False.

    36.) Others notice my anger before I do.
    - False.

    37.) I refer to my anger as resentment.
    - True.

    38.) I avoid any feelings that are sad and/or painful.
    - True.

    39.) I feel annoyed when others don't follow the rules.
    - True.

    40.) I try to never show my anger.
    - True.

    41.) I tend to hide the fact that I'm vulnerable behind anger.
    - False.

    42.) I can relate to, "Why not be angry? It's only an emotion".
    - False.

    43.) I have a tendency to make my problems someone else's problems.
    - False.

    44.) I need feedback from others to know I'm valued.
    - False.

    45.) I feel hurt if someone doesn't give me the validation I need.
    - False.

    46.) I avoid the shame I feel.
    - False. I can avoid it, I feel it strongly.

    47.) I feel I need to be recognized as impressive by others.
    - False.

    48.) I have a tendency to be overly competitive.
    - False.

    49.) I feel I must put on an act to earn being valued by others.
    - False.

    50.) I feel that others like who I pretend to be more than who I really am.
    - False

    51.) I feel deficient, since I'm not like everyone else.
    - True.

    52.) I have problems with melancholy, self-indulgence, and self-pity.
    - True. (A little bit true, today not with melancholy anymore, more because I can see myself as a victim)

    53.) I feel that the world is terrifying and I must prepare for it.
    - False. I can be anxious, but I’m not prepared.

    54.) I tend to be easily overwhelmed.
    - True. By emotions and thoughts.

    55.) I detach from my emotions.
    - False.

    56.) I'm more comfortable dealing with thought than emotions.
    It depends. Sometimes thought can be hard to deal with.

    57.) Becoming more knowledgeable helps me feel less empty.
    - False.

    58.) Being in control of my environment helps me feel secure.
    - False.

    59.) My fear shows itself through worry/aggressive behavior.
    - False. When it’s stress it’s more with panic, akward behavior, being lost.

    60.) I am suspicious of the unknown.
    It depends.

    61.) I feel that I cannot trust myself, nor the outside world.
    - False.

    62.) I choose to adapt in order to
    - Get along well with others, so I can attain harmony. (More to preserve myself from suffering to be left alone, to be not loved anymore because of conflict)

    63.) My sense of self is based on my search for the ideal
    - Attention; Someone who completely understands and appreciates me. Love !

    64.) My gift that I can offer to prevent rejection is
    - My heart; I focus on the needs of others and help them however I can.
    Kindness is highly important

    65.) I get into conflicts by being
    None of this. I try to not make things worst. I try to stay polite, even playing the poor sorry victim. But if the person who is mad at me is too harsh, yelled too much etc I respond fiercely.
    I can react irrationally.

    66.) I get into conflicts by being
    - Impatient, irresponsible and excessive.
    - Too complacent, inattentive and stubborn.

    67.) I get into conflicts by being
    - Too impatient, rigid and critical.
    - Too detached, isolated and provocative.(not provocative)

    68.) In terms of needs, I tend to
    - Try to balance the needs of others with my own. It’s better when compromise is possible ! But generally I tend to listen the needs of others.

    69.) I am non-confrontational.
    - True.

    70.) I don't like to acknowledge that I get angry.
    - True.

    71.) I have a tendency to be passive-aggressive.
    - True.

    72.) I express my anger to get what I want.
    - False. (More when I was a little girl !)

    Et voilà, bye ! (:
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