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    Question Evil versions of types

    i would like to hear of your thoughts about how different types manifest in evil people.

    negative qualities of types is alright too. share them all.

    (its about how types can go wrong way)

    this doesnt have to be a serious thread. you can throw in some guesses too! (like how'd you imagine them going wrong)
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    I will do it on ENTP, because it's the type i'm most familiar with.

    ENTP can be, in my opinion, the most dangerous type. They don’t have an ultimate goal. They just jump from idea to idea, making them unpredictable and unreliable. You never know when they will betray you. This faculty to change their interests every five minutes allows them to drop a bad one or one that failed whenever needed and start the next catastrophe. They also love to toy with people. They often use manipulation and charisma to influence, fright and control their enemies.

    Hans Landa from inglorious bastards is the exact incarnation of an ENTP villain. He knows how to speak. He can convince you to drop your morality, your beliefs. he can put himself in your shoes, therefore knowing what you think, what you feel, and what you want. And even though he understands your feeling, he won’t be affected by them.

    For him, having fun is what’s more important. He loves showing his superiority to others, but not through words, but through acts. And by acts, I mean words. He doesn’t pretend to be better by calling it out loud, but by using his brain to trap them. And he truly enjoys it. When the American soldiers want to infiltrate the Nazi theater by pretending to be Italian, he instantly sees that they are not. And instead of directly calling the guards, he prefers to play with them, even risking the safety of the guests.

    What clearly makes an ENTP character terrifying, like Hans Landa, is what he knows. His knowledge, his intelligence, is frightening. Unlike a judger, he uses his intellectual skills not to plan, but rather to analyses the situation and adapt to it. This makes it really difficult to know what’s happening in his head. Hans Landa even speaks French, English and French fluently and with a good vocabulary. At the time where the movie takes place, it is extremely impressive. The characters constantly ask themselves, qhat could he be thinking, and this places them in a unpleasant situation. He is intimidating despite the fact that he isn’t tall, nor very muscular, and certainly not aggressive.

    Finally, As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, he doesn’t have a ultimate goal. He even dislikes the Nickname Jew hunter he was pride of in the beginning of the movie. As loyal as he could seem, as soon he saw that the Germans would lose the war, he made a contract with the US military and sent Hitler to death, in order not to stand in court.

    Hans Landa is probably the last realistic villain I want to mess with. He is the pure definition of an evil ENTP
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