Hi, I've had this recurring theme throughout my life and I guess I just want to know if people relate and what they think about it and if it has anything significant to do with type or psychology.

It goes like this. I'm usually pretty neutral about most things and really just want to understand as best as possible. So a lot of times I'll listen on an argument people are having and see where each person is coming from (or at least I try and think I do) and I'll feel like I'm gaining insight and really taking in what's being said. But then I start to realize the people arguing aren't really listening to the other points people make. Instead they try to bolster their arguments against any kind of opposition or restate their arguments in ways that invalids alternative forms of thought. Now I'm not perfect and have been guilty of this at times, especially when younger and not experienced and accepting enough, but it's not something I enjoy or want to do. So I tend not to want to argue with people and just observe instead (unless it's personal of course) because it's like they set up this trap where everything I say is somehow an attack on their beliefs or something and forces me to defend what I'm saying (which is really focking lammmme yo).