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    Default Help finding my MBTI type

    So, I'm still doubtful about my cognitive functions and MBTI type. In order to describe myself as accurately as possible, I wrote a text about me and would appreciate some reviews pointing out my possible type and what cognitive functions I use:

    I am a very insightful person; more than one of my professors told me about my ability to abstract, make conections and understand things with little to none information regarding the subject. I delve deeply in a subject which interests me, but often throw it away if it isn't useful. I daydream a lot about random things, but rarely express those thoughts. My creative power leans highly on the amount information I have.

    My approach to a job is a hardworking, focused and goal-oriented one (mainly and specially if I'm interested), tracing an idea using the said connections between things and then sticking to a goal to achieve the desired result; I have little to none tolerance to frustration and become easily annoyed if I can't properly find a solution to a problem when working. Because my self-confidence varies from "I am the smartest guy in the room" to "I don't know nothing", usually I put high expectations on mine or on others job (more on mine) and am very critical, cynical and somewhat bitter regarding efficiency. I have a penchant to find faults on everything, so, even hating this label, I could be described as a perfectionist. Because of these factors, my life is fairly organized to ease the chaos.

    Regarding, my relationships, I had a hard time understanding some moral codes imposed by society because most of them are nonsense and most people follow blindly without a clue of what is the meaning behind them; that made me a very original and inquisitve thinker: since when I was a child, I always had to have a "why" and mostly hated abusive authorities and foggy/unclear/unfair instructions, answers or way of doing things. I'm mostly polite and use little to none manneirisms in my speech unless when with friends. As said, my self-confidence is unstable and, as such, sometimes I prevent conflict bending to social conventions, even if I disagree with them because I see conflict as a waste of time and am afraid of being judged, though that could be my anxiety issue. My psychiatrists told me that I am very aware of myself and strive to self-improvement, too. Sometimes I help people solving their problems in an objective manner and usually sympathize with them making comparisons with my past struggles.

    On school, my grades were erratic: some very high and some very low because my range of interests was restrict. Since my childhood I had a big plan of my life and, thus, some school subjects were neglected by me in lieu of it, so that my development was mediocre at best.

    Finally, about my hobbies. They are visual-oriented and artsy, such as drawing and modeling. I prefer to see the big picture above the details and my mood change easily based on my surroundings: I dislike crowded, loud, brighty or ugly places because they make me feel overwhelmed, but I hold beauty and comfort in high standarts.

    I'm open to questions and further add-ons.

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    It sounds like you have a lot of Ne, possibly Te and possibly Fi.

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