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    Hi. So for me, joining this forum was a selfish act, but then again what isn't. Anyways, a few months ago I was feeling so dissatisfied with my job and co-workers that I decided to look into career aptitude tests, and lo-and-behold: that 16personalities site came up and I took the quiz. Now at this point in my research, i've long known 16 personalities isn't always the most reliable source for typing, so I looked into the cognitive functions, and for me that was a mistake because it's caused me to hyperanalyze every detail of my thought patterns and mannerisms for like 2-3 months now. Anyways, I was typed as INTP, and sometimes i feel content in that typing but most of the time i just feel unsure. For the most part, i'm pretty much secure at this point that I am a dominant Ti-user (god something about saying that feels so self-aggrandizing) and am likely an introvert, but the dichotomy of Ne/Se fucks me up and I just don't feel a pin-point assuredness as to which one is my auxiliary function. Wow, this site is perfect for people who love to talk about themselves, negative or otherwise. Anyways, talking about myself and being able to do so for such a long time one would think I know myself pretty well but I just don't know. Although I do recognize that MBTI etc. is simply a tool for greater understanding (and i do think a positive aspect is being able to understand why i've always felt different from others((although having a self-aware knowledge that it's silly to sit around and think about how unique/special you are and yet here I am)) because it helped me realize that I'm both not alone and maybe not as stupid as I had started to gather from my awful social skills and consistent fuckups with simple tasks) but it's driven me somewhat crazy. Sorry I'm on Adderall it kind of leads to these types of paragraphs to never want to end. Oh by the way My username is interesting to me I picked it with the idea of making something longer but when I typed in my current username I saw that it was a as I am typing this I'm realizing that seems to be a newer site (noticed some odd programming details but I'm a novice in that field for sure) and it has that modernish type of look to it but anyways

    Hi! What's up. Seems to be a lot of INTP's on this site. I wonder if the internet and anonymous forums like this naturally draw in certain personalities it definitely seems that way. But if you do want to talk to me lets talk about music!

    EDIT: nevermind disregard that thing about this being a newer site in fact disregard this whole post pls thanks ok!

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    Welcome to the forum! And don't worry, welcome threads aren't graded.

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    Howdy, Flying. Welcome to the forum.

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    Hellooo, welcome here! Music sure is an interesting topic.
    Die Brezel & ich

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