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    Default Reactive types, how does your reactivity show? (4,6,8s)

    This thread is for anyone who wants to comment on how 4s,6s and 8s react. Ive always been super curious on how the reactive trad manifests in people. As a 964 I have two reactive fixes and personally my reactivity shows in many ways. Like I think I react with my 6 fix when I get paranoid and anxious about other peoples motives and true intentions and I get defensive and react out of fear and my 4 reacts when someone tries to make me something I am not like dismissing my value as a person.
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    "Angry is good. Angry gets shit done". I either yell, give snide remarks or if things does escalate to that, get physical but in professional atmoshpheres, I try to stabilize things before it comes up to that level.
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    People/situations piss me off and it manifests by me turning red and most likely yelling. I have very little tolerance for people intentionally being cruel and disruptive or willfully being a pain in the ass, aggression being thrown about in a primitive fashion to attempt to dominate people or situations.

    It depends on the level of anger what you’ll get. Usually it’s cutting sarcasm aimed at weak points. Elevated levels of anger focus more on projection of voice. I can bellow when necessary. I’ve also been frothing mad a couple of times. That’s a whole other level of angry and one I don’t care to reach if possible. That was after months of very little sleep and a mountain of stress coupled with grief had been crushing the life from me. An ugly result of an ugly time in my life.
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    To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
    ~ Elbert Hubbard

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    I dont get really angry very often. There are certain things that do make me... immediately want to react. I do what I think is right, and I dont always- care about the negative consequences when it comes to what happens to me BUT I do think about... the greater good... I guess-I dunno, I try to at least. Its important to me.

    Anyways. I try not to react for no reason. And in real life I am pretty hard to offend because... I usually understand when people do things that arent great... its usually more about then than you.

    Anywaus. Im a 9 first and foremost... but Im also highly 6 and 4 backed. It is what challenges me to not be afraid.

    Anyways. Reactivity can be a good or a bad thing- but without it, it in my opinion, it can be hard to get things done. If you go through the world pretending everything is fine when it isnt- you arent always making things better. I strongly believe the phrase that the only thing for evil to triumph is for a good man to do nothing. Also meaning- if you try to add perfume to shit you end up with something even nastier and more frustrating. You just cant be afraid to deal with the root cause. You cant be afraid to react. To take risk.

    There is a balance of course. But there are too many people paralyzed by fear that it tips toward stagnancy. And thats not a good thing. It just gives wounds more time to fester.

    If more people would speak their minds, instead of waiting for someone else to do it, then they would feel less frustrated and dissatisfied imo. You cant expect change unless you are willing to be a part of it. Unfortunately... not enough are... just... not enough are willing to walk away from ‘safe’ and be their own champion. Reactivity is not always a good thing- but sometimes it is needed.

    Peacemaking is important too. But I really see them as two sides of the same coin- one without the other causes way way too much damage. Both require a certain strength. In order to bring people together you need to understand what is tearing them apart
    Do one thing every day that scares you- Eleanor Roosevelt


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    For now I'm siding with the 496 tritype.

    I usually react when I'm forced to do something that goes against my principles or angers me in some way, but otherwise I'm very low-key for the most part.

    I also have some 6ish tendencies where I react toward others (usually those close to me) when I'm overcome with worry about something and am unsure about what to do in that particular situation. However, it has died down as I've gotten older and is far more subdued now to where I can appear triple withdrawn. I used to be much more of a worrywart when I was younger.
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    With all respect to some of the other commenters, I find that being a reactive type is less about "freaking the fuck out", and more about sensing the negative and unspoken emotions in others (eg, hidden sadness, aggression, tensions, deceit, unresolved emotions, etc) and then reacting emotionally to that.

    "Reacting emotionally" doesn't necessarily mean having a full-fledged meltdown. It can (I've had my moments), but it can also involve retreat, withdrawal, calling people out, asking questions, moving behind the scenes, etc. Reactive types don't necessarily want to create drama, they want these unspoken sticking points resolved...I suppose ultimately so that human beings can engage with each other more fully, with fewer lies.

    Reactive types also want to be met emotionally--for others to realize that what they perceive is real. "Don't you see X happening? This is awful! I'm upset about this, and you should be upset about this, too!" Too often competency and especially positive outlook types would sooner overlook these dark undercurrents.

    And so if there's drama to be created by the reactive triad, it often has its origins in this dynamic. At least in my own case, I find that my worst behaviour has come when my Type 9 parents simply acted oblivious. Clearly this bad thing was happening in front of their eyes di da, they somehow didn't see it. So, I'd have to redouble my efforts to get through to them, and redouble them again, until I'd get in trouble for being a criminally insane brat, and the conflict went unresolved. To this day, they still think I'm the bad guy, and I still think they're soulless slugs (I'll leave it to the reader to determine which is the truer perception).
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