By popular demand, there will be a monthly game night on Discord for everyone to participate in. (Don't know how to join our Discord server? Click here.) This thread will be for planning games, setting up tournaments, and figuring out any technical issues that may arise. For now, our game nights will be held on the second Saturday of every month. This can be altered and more days can be added, but for this initial launch of the idea, it'll be second Saturdays. Any changes to when these will be held will be noted in this post.

To reduce set up time, here is a list of the sites to be used during game nights (all games are free to play and do not require a download):

Notes to maximize enjoyment:
- It's just a game, bro. There's no table to flip, but try not to rage out.
- Join a voice channel! What's a board game without some banter?
- You can play whenever. Yes we're designating a day to play, but that doesn't mean you should shy from them any other time.
- Don't be weird. These games are supposed to be fun and silly, but there's no need for gratuitous swearing or drawing dicks or overly offensive stuff.
- The accounts you make on these websites don't have to match your name here, just in case you thought that.