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True, and you are from Eastern Europe. When I think of this stuff on some Right to Left scale, I tend to think of it in terms of North American politics and culture, in which true left wing ideologies such as socialism and communism are followed by a very small minority of the overall population. If we consider the weight of either side in terms of influence, then our center point of left vs right shifts far further rightward than it does in your country. It follows that what is "radical" left here might not seem so radical in your culture

Yes and I have pointed that out many times. Especially since average American isn't fully aware how much to the left you can go if you start moving towards the left from the positions that are considered left in US. Right now I have conservative administration and they are to the left of Obama on basically everything. In other words you are missing almost half of the full spectrum since US politics stops somewhere in mild left zone.

Howewer that wasn't my point in this thread.
Current American politics seems to be hugely effected by various SJW, "free-thinkers", libertarians etc. What in a way has led to administrations such as the ones run by Obama and Trump. However so many people got stuck in the cultural war that they completely forgot what politics should be about, making the country stabile and productive. What modern American politics evidently isn't at this point. There are endless people who support Trump just to piss of Liberals and undo their legistlation/culture, while on the other hand that same Trump has pushed the whole EU towards Russia, relations with Russia are generally at cold war level, he pissed off China with trade war thing, there are ideas about nuking NK, he went after Iran and no one relevant supports that move, India is dependant on oil from Iran, he alienated Turkey which went rogue, Mexico hates US more than ever (just as many other latin American countries), the insulted the muslims collectively .... etc. While on the other hand he has 20+ trillion in public debt, large deficits and manufacturing is only a shadow of what it was some 30 or 40 years ago.

What is insane policy however you turn it, however in the context of current cultural war all of this makes sense. What means that current cultural war doesn't make sense when you really think about it.
In other words people are focused on completely wrong issues and you will probably continue to have shity elected officials due to that.