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    Default Why do i feel like I am not compatible with anyone

    Hi, I am an INFJ, and I dont really have a friend with whom i can literally share everything, they seem to misunderstand me sometimes, and yes i get it I am not that open, very private person. They are really amazing and sweet people, but i dont feel like there is a strong bonding present. And sometimes i feel left out in a conversation.
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    Need more info.

    It's really hard to tell from three sentences and one post tbh.

    Though from what you have written it does sound like you are hanging out with people who aeren't the best? How many people do you know? Maybe expand your circle or try hanging out with other people until you meet the right group. Trial and error.
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    Do you share any interests with your circle of friends?
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    Maybe you should try reaching out to them more and try learning how to properly express you thoughts and feelings, this helps avoid misunderstandings.

    Why do you think you're being left out? Do people simply forget that you are there? If so, try talking more, being more assertive. Do you feel like you have nothing useful to contribute to the conversations? That could mean your interests and the groups interests are different, which inevitably causes a separation from the group, best solution in this case would be seeking people that share your interests.
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