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    Default I'm eitehr INTJ, INFJ or INFP, i can't really find my type.

    Hi everyone, i'm new here, and i really need help to find my personality type. I know that i'm introvert and intuitive, but i'm always mistyped whenever i do the test.

    I always get either intj, infj or infp.

    And when i compared functions with my behaviour, i found some common traits in all the three but i didn't relate at 100% to one of them.

    for example, sometimes i'm very rational and i'm really excellent at practical mathematics (i'm an environmental engineering student and i have the highest GPA in my uni btw) but at the same time i have too much feeling and i always consider the feelings of others and try to be careful not to hurt them.

    Also, i have imagination, but not like the infps one, i'm not really spontaneous and i have to be limited by a plan so i can go ahead.

    I do very well at technical writing, but when it comes to writing about feelings or human related things, i'm not good at all, and i never had the desire to write about that anyways and yet, i always find myself overthinking about my relationships with others and how they see me and even if i'm an introvert i always want to hang out with my friends even if most of the time i'm slient when i'm with them.

    So please, can you help me to find my accurate personality type according to the informations given above ? i can give you more informations if you want.
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