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    INFP comes closest
    INFP 5w4-9w8-4w5 sp/so

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    These... well in my high school we were all class A students (20 in class) and we had capable teachers so I didn't have problems with idiots.

    You were the valedictorian. You were well-liked, high-achieving, head of several social committees and you probably planned prom. You were the person everyone else’s moms asked them why they couldn’t be more like.

    You were probably the hall monitor. Sticking to the rules was your jam and you consistently achieved straight A’s through hard work, dedication and diligence. Once you memorized basic social protocol you got on okay with your peers but never cared to get too involved in the social scene. You were over high school by your sophomore year and couldn’t wait to be around levelheaded adults in the real world.
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    Definitely true about floating between social groups. I went to a private school and we had a small class of like ~130 or so which made it easier to get to know more people. I only went two years so I got a nice fresh start at the perfect time. No one bullied me or made fun of me for being weird. I could just be me. One of th few times I’ve felt accepted by a large group of people.

    I was more of a minor class clown. And not a drama geek
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    Hmm. I relate to these parts...

    ENFP You had a strange, disjointed friend group that ranged from total nerds to reigning socialites and mostly you just floated around. You couldn’t wait to finish high school

    ENFJ You were the person everyone else’s moms asked them why they couldn’t be more like.
    This was so annoying, and mostly when it was the parents of some kid who I wasn't close friends with because it felt like Great, now soandso really won't like me. Argh.

    INFJ You got straight A’s, but that was a given. When you were not in band practice you could be found reading alone in the library, wearing an “I <3 Nerds” t-shirt and eyeing up the hot ENTP.
    I was not in band, but I did spend much time in the library, and there may have been an ENTP involved...

    INFP You were a bookworm. You could be found on the fringes of the social scene, hanging out with emo or hipster kids and daydreaming through most of your classes. You weren’t a huge fan of high school because it didn’t provide you with ample opportunity to express yourself. You knew that once you got into the real world it’d be your chance to shine.
    Hipster was not a thing when I was in high school, but otherwise, yep, fairly accurate.
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