I know there may have been some that have been done in the past but this is a recent one.

Harry Potter:
Harry Potter - ISFP 9w8 sp/so
Ron Weasley - ESFP 6w7 so/sx
Hermione Granger - ISTJ 1w2 sp/so
Lord Voldemort/Tom Riddle - INTJ 3w4 so/sp
Albus Dumbledore - INFJ 1w9 so/sp
Draco Malfoy - ESTP 3w4 sp/so
Minerva Mcgonagall - ISTJ 1w2 so/sp
Severus Snape - INTJ 6w5 sx/sp
Luna Lovegood - INTP 9w1 sx?
James Potter - ESTP 3w2 sx/so (He cares about being his parent's golden child and he is easily indoctrinated by his environment which is an attachment type thing.)
Lily Potter nee Evans - ESFJ 1w2 so
Sirius Black - ESTP 7w6 so/sx
Remus Lupin - INFJ 4w5 sp with a strong link to 2. (He secretly wallows about his difference.)
Peter Pettigrew - ISFJ 6w5 sp/so (He is the perfect example of the sp 6 that fakes warmth in order to survive, yikes.)
Dolores Umbridge - ESTJ 6w5 so/sp that disintregrated to a 3. (I have no idea why she is typed a 1. She is spouting out stuff that her community wants her to spout.)
Neville Longbottom - ISFJ 6w7 sp/so
Cedric Diggory - ENFJ 3w2 sx/so (He seems like he may be a sx first because he doesn't seem as OTT about hierarchy like a so first 3 would be.)
Gilderoy Lockhart - ESFJ 3w2 so
Dobby - ISFJ 6w7 sp/so
Vernon Dursley - ESTJ 6w5 sp/so
Lavender Brown - ESFJ 2w3 sx/so
Moaning Myrtle - ISFP 4w3 sx
Argus Filch - ISTJ 1w9 so/sp

Game of Thrones:
Jon Snow - ISFP 9w1 with a strong 1 wing so/sp
Daenerys Targaryen - ISFP 9w8 with a strong 8 wing so/sp? (Her need for justice is being confused with a need for rightness.)
Cersei Lannister - ESTJ 3w4 sp/so
Jaime Lannister - ESTP 3w2 sx/so (The sx 3s are often mistyped for 2s or 7s.)
Tyrion Lannister - ENTP 6w7 sp/so (I use to think 7w6 though but he seems to have depth to him like the reactive types tend to have.)
Euron Greyjoy - ENTP 3w2 sx/so (He seems to perform for attention like 3s do and he tries to be indispensable like a 2.)
Bran Stark - INFP 9w8 sp (He isn't a 9w1 just because he's passive. He constantly does his own thing which is what led him to lose the ability to walk in the first place.)
Sansa Stark - ESFJ 3w2 sx/so (She has become quite 6w5-ish and 9-ish hence why people think she's an ISFJ instead of a ESFJ.)
Petyr Baelish - INTJ 3w4 so/sp
Tywin Lannister - ENTJ 8w9 sp/so
Stannis Baratheon - ISTJ 1w9 sp/sx (A 1 that lived long enough to become corrupt lol.)
Margaery Tyrell - ENFJ 3w2 sp/so
Olenna Tyrell - ENTJ 8w9 sp/so (I don't get why she is a typed a 8w7 since she's more of a think first, act later type of person.)
Varys - INFJ 5w4 so/sp (He has too much hidden sadness to be a 6 wing.)
Melisandre - INFJ 1w2 so/sp
Ned Stark - ISTJ 1w9 sp/so
The Night King - 1w9 or 1w2 (I feel like he is a 1 that is trying to destroy Westeros for the 'right' reasons.)
High Sparrow - INFJ 1w9 so
The Hound - ISTP cp 6w5 sx/sp
Brienne of Tarth - ISTJ 6w5 sx/sp
Oberyn Martell - ESFP 7w8 with a strong 8 wing sx/so (He is an idealist at heart.)
Tommen Baratheon - ISFJ 9w1 so/sp
Qyburn - INTP 5w4 (He seems too mad scientist to be a wing 6 lol.)
Jorah Mormont - ISFJ 6w5 sp/sx
Missandei - ISFJ 9w1 so/sx
Grey Worm - ISTJ 1w9 so/sp
Podrick Payne - ISFJ 6w7 sp/so
Davos Seaworth - ISTJ 6w5 so/sp

Betty Cooper - ISFJ 1w2 so/sp
Archie Andrews - ISFP 6w7 sx? (He seems like he is trying to make connections to be seen as strong lately...)
Veronica Lodge - ESTP 7w8 so/sx
Jughead Jones - INFP 4w5 sp/sx
Cheryl Blossom - ENTJ 3w4 sx
Hiram Lodge - ISTJ 8w9 sp/so
Alice Cooper - ESFJ 3w4 sp/so
FP Jones - ISTP 9w8 so/sp (A great example of an alpha 9w8.)
Hermione Lodge - ESFJ 6w7 sp/so
Fred Andrews - ISTJ 6w5 sp/so

These are the characters that I could type due to them not changing too much like they often do.