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Thread: Doxx yourself?

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    My birthname has a unique spelling, so googling me would be easier than the normal person. That's why I always go by my nickname whenever I can. I have a fear of my digital footprint because it could have a very harsh effect on my career in the future. I'm probably more likely to give my address out on the forum before my full name. (Not that I'd do that.) I'm definitely unafraid of stating what general area I'm in and I would go to a meet up with no hesitation about safety.

    I don't consider my presence here to be anonymous. I have a picture of myself on my profile page and I even link to my social media in my blog. Participating on a forum that seeks to identify self while not revealing anything (or worse, catfishing here) seems... counterproductive.
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    My only practical apprehensiveness exists because my last name is very uncommon and due to the nature of my job simply googling me would allow access to my personal information.

    If that wasn't a factor, I probably wouldn't care.

    Basically I don't want you all calling me going all 2001 with the "wassssaaaaaaaaap" joke.
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    I just doxxed myself to someone. Perhaps my experiences here should make me more cautious, although I've doxxed myself to someone else with no ill effects.
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    Clearly, I don't have much of a problem with it. The burden's going to be on the doxxer to discern the real stuff from the parody stuff. Good luck!
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