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    Cool Hispanic/Latino Nps/NTs

    These are some of my favorite types and I'm curious who here identifies as an Hispanics and an NT or NP especially but N types in general and even introverts are welcome to comment. Looking for some solidarity!
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    *raises hand halfway* I AM Hispanic, but I don't really identify as anything other than myself. My parents cultural roots extend to parts of my life, like chances are we both like tamales?

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    I'm just curious because I read an article once about Hispanic Nerds feeling doubly isolated in the states for being minorities & nerds and I definitely related to it. It was about a Hispanic female engineer (Imagine having to deal with tech Bros on top of that). I think NTs are stereotypically the nerd types and I'm curious if anyone else relates
    Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so that each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry. -Richard P. Feynman

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    I'm half Latina and an introvert. I don't really see too many from that side of the family often though except for a few relatives. Most of my friends growing up were of Mexican descent because our moms were friends. I grew up with some of the culture, but sadly don't know how to speak Spanish fluently. Not a nerd either, but I do feel like an outsider, although not due to culture, just in general. Not sure what else to add in relation.
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    I'm an INFP and half Latina. I was also raised by a European parent so, as a younger child, the only real isolation outside of my already introverted type was physical features. Even then, I wouldn't call that an isolation. Where I'm from, there are mixed races all around. I never felt like a minority either or that I was discriminated against for my origins, and I'm unsure how racial discrimination would have anything to do with XNXP types.
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    I'm Latina, aka mixed Puerto Rican. I was always a "nerd" growing up and I grew up among other Latinos who weren't. They often tried to copy off my tests and shit. LOL. But yeah, I never felt outcasted for having brains. My peers were either jealous or tried to take advantage. So I turned it around for my own advantage and charged them $$$ for papers.

    Hey, I'm a hot-blooded Latina, I gotta hustle. 💁🏻
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    I am this but also not because I do not identify strongly with my culture.

    I have no idea if I am a nerd or not. I think I more qualify as a freak.
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    I’m half Latino and mixed. I’m an introvert as well.

    Growing up before everybody wanted to support minorities, yeah I had this double down discrimination placed against me. But these days with all the anti trump content and people are like super sensitive making sure we’re okay.

    Although it can get offensive that some whites may think I’m an illegal and hope I don’t get deported. (I’m not illegal and I’m not from the country bordering the United States either)

    I tend to dress good, but on the days I don’t care (people assume that)
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