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    Quote Originally Posted by kittenke View Post

    Ah okay, just the ambitions/goals thing seemed really xxNJ to me. (Well J, assuming N along with it)

    As for the question about order interfering with you, I was asking about this line of yours: "I hate just chaos I still appreciate a little bit of order too as long as it doesn't interfere with me"...?

    Hmm, yeah, actually Ns tend to appear more P and Ss tend to appear more J, exactly because of this, Ns focus on ideas instead of organising their physical environment as much.
    I guess I'm really ambitious for an ENTP? For an NTP in general. I guess it's rare? I've kinda noticed it doesn't seem to be a big factor in a perceiving personality and yet for me it is. Kind of odd I suppose. I've always been visionary. But it's a crazy vision with all sorts of branching off shit to it. Idk if I'll even get it all done. Now I'm curious about this NJ stereotype because I'm not yet here I am just as ambitious. But I have a 3 in my tritype so that could be why, too. (3w4 or 4w3)

    Oooh I didn't mean the order interfered with me but sometimes when I'm in the middle of something I don't want to be interrupted to clean it. I always was like that growing up. Rather finish what I'm working on first.

    Yeah sounds about right. Ideas>Organization
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