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Thread: ISFP Characters

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    Vanessa Ives (Penny Dreadful)
    Rae (The Force Awakens)
    Daenerys (GoT)
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    i was typed as isfp once and spent an hour looking up isfp characters from fiction, like the egomaniac i am. it is how i roll.

    wilfred mott from doctor who (who is so cute honestly my fav character ever)
    oliver twist (p. much all of charles dickens' protagonists are isfps who have undergone intense personal trauma tbh except for the odd istp, i think they were just kindof the sort of ppl he liked. and keirsey matches w his esfj)
    jane bennet from pride and prejudice. also probably georgiana darcy
    francis dolarhyde and margot verger from hannibal. ppl tend to type abigail hobbs as an isfj but idk she registers more as an isfp with me
    loads of blatant self-insert chars from romance novels w unhealthy power imbalances and sadomasochism, notably bella swan and anastasia steele which often in their narrative are just taking advantage of the isfp traits of a good-natured and easygoing person to make synonymous with/glamorise ulta-submissiveness and navel gazing but there u go)

    also, not fictional but two if my fav celebrity isfps are bob ross and st francis of assisi (he's p. much the archetypal isfp bc of his pacificism and relationship w animals)

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    For real people, btw, I would guess the anime artist Miyazaki. The full-transcript of his oft-misinterpreted remark about "Otaku" fits the type very well, and from the movie's I've seen so far he seems to have a habit of writing auxiliary extraverted sensing into the male characters of his stories.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsy-Flux View Post
    I think The Dude (big lebowsky) is a good caricature of an ISFP male.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gypsy-Flux View Post

    Winona Ryder in “Girl Interrupted” could qualify… now that I think about it a lot of characters she has played seem IxFP-ish ( I remember I used to have a crush on her when I was younger hahaha)

    I did too, and specifically connected with Lydia from Beetlejuice who seems IxFP to me. And her character Kim from Edward Scissorhands as well.

    Also, for some reason I'm thinking Leeloo from The Fifth Element might be ISFP??
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    The real-life person and how he was written in the biography 'Into the Wild', Chris MccCandless, was not an ISFP, but as portrayed in the movie Into the Wild, I think he was portrayed more as an ISFP.
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    Metal lee boruto lucy from elfen lied mizore from rosario vampire berserker from fate zero jean grey from xmen animated series terra from teen titans luke skywalker from star wars videl from dbz
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