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    ISTP 964 sx/so
    ENFJ 379 so/sx
    INTJ 954 sp/sx
    ISTJ (he claims INTJ but I have a hard time believing that) 639 sp/so
    ISFP 964 sx/sp
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    At this point in life I think it's more about who I know I can talk too...

    ISTP-- #1 always. We always pick up where we left off. She doesn't need to listen to my baggage because seeing her just takes me back to being 10 and carefree. She's a vacation from myself, in the best way.

    INFJ-- There's never any judgement and nothing is too weird. Also, hilarious.

    INTJ-- I know some of my stuff scares him, but he's unwavering (almost to a fault) and shows he cares through processing and understanding why certain states happen.

    ENFJ(x2)-- They just always care in a way that I've never been able to express. When things are really bad I can talk to them. Even if everything isn't understood, they listen and try and that means everything.


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    Ideally I'll be the woman

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