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So I am more than sure that ENFJ description suits me pretty well.. But now I'm confused about my Enneagram. When I first made the Enneagram test and it was 2w3, I was like hmm it could be, I mean "The helper" pretty much pertains with ENFJ, I didn't read too much into it tbh, but lately I've been unconvinced with the discreption, I'm reading into it and it's like that is just a part of me being exaggerated, I mean I do have some 2 traits as well, but I'm not convinced that it entirely fits me, it might be just how I am being perceived rather than what I really am.. Anyways, being for months in the journey of discovering myself, I came to more understanding and acceptance of who I am, thus I decided to do it once again and figure out what it might be, it turned out I am 5 with balanced wings (?!), and as I read the description, I thought to myself "yes yes I can relate to that, at least most of it" I feel like it's describing the side of me that I am not admitting or taking notice on.. But on the other hand, it's rare that ENFJ and 5 can be in the same person, I know any MBIT type can be any Enneagram.. However what do you guys think of that? Do you suggest that I do further questionnaire? Feel free to ask me questions.. Thank you ^_^
Honestly I think Tritype will help You understand Enneagram better. Everyone has a heart, head and gut based type, it's more accurate than Enneagram itself. (I know it's been 5 years, but I was wondering if there is an ENFJ with 5 as enneagram type, so here I am.) Also I hope You figured it out since then. ^^