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My opinions on the characters' types (the ones I am relatively confident about, anyway):

Steven Universe - ESFJ 2w3-9w1-6w7 so/sp. He does act "quirky" like an ENFP, but watching the show & getting to know the influential figures in his life, I can see how much of that comes from his upbringing (high Si user behavior is much more diverse than we tend to account for, because they're so heavily impressed upon by their surroundings.)
Greg Universe - ENFP 9w1-7w6-4w3 so/sx
Garnet - ISTJ 9w8-5w6-2w1 sx/sp, I really strongly believe Garnet is a sexual variant given that her very existence relies on an intimate bond
Pearl - ISTJ 6w5-1w2-3w4 so/sp
Amethyst - ESFP 7w6-9w8-4w3 so/sx (No wonder she and Greg get along so well, huh?)
Peridot - ENTP 3w4-6w5-1w9 so/sp, Peridot just reeks of Ti to me, she is drawn to systems and analysis, she likes to break things down and define them.
Lapis Lazuli - ISFP 9w8-4w3-6w5 sp/sx
Bismuth - ESTP 8w9-2w1-6w7 sp/so
Jasper - ESTJ 6w5-8w9-3w4 sx/so

I'm not sure on the Diamonds' types.
Ahh cool your typings are very similar to my own. I waffle back and forth on Steven being 2w1 vs 2w3. I'm actually not sure why I switched back to 2w1 for my second vote. I think especially in future, him being an ESFJ is relatively obvious there. My whole theory on his type is that early on, Rebecca's "idea of Steven" probably was in the realm of ENFP, but as she developed his character, his issues seemed more aligned with high Fe and a prominent tert Ne.

I think my only question, if you don't mind me asking, is why ENFP over ESFP for Greg (I agree with the tritype wholeheartedly)? I didn't get a super strong read on his character mbti wise outside of high Pe, though I guess his openness is pretty high and he also seems to have literally no qualms about being with an alien wife I guess, which could be a Ne trait. As for my thing with peridot, I didn't really have any strong feelings about her type outside of the presence of Si and Ne some where, ENTP doesn't seem unreasonable, especially since you also don't see her as an introvert by dichotomy.