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Thread: Sevens in Love

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    7SE characters live absorbed in their own expectations and enthused by a thousand exciting activities, and they want to do what they like just as much in company as when alone.

    Used to. The high of doing something exciting is always followed by a down, though. That lifestyle isnt sustainable. I'd rather avoid the down these days. So yea I guess you could say its an immature 7. Or a really rich one with plenty of opportunities.

    Their extrinsic multipolar focus and typical fear of concentrating on a single course of action ... induce them to keep all their options open ... They like to meet many charming persons rather than achieve stability with one who, no matter how marvelous, may end up boring them; they desire to lead exciting adventures in which neither of the two becomes dependent.


    More sensual than sexual or passionate, they enter into romantic relationships seeking to share and enjoy what each of the two has of the extraordinary; but they limit their commitment and avoid binding themselves.

    Used to.
    Again, immature 7 probably. But honestly this feels like it doesn't fit 7sx at all, 7sx is idealistic as fuck, the only reason it wont work out is because the other party fails to live up to expectations.

    They tend to have sundry relations during their lives, always searching for self-sufficient lovers who complement their own interests and enthusiasms ... and who can enjoy [the world] with them without imposing restrictions ... If that is not possible, they prefer a friendship, well-defined to provide contact enough to sustain interest, but not so much of it to produce boredom or become stifling.

    Yeah, I guess.

    The manner of relating is exciting and allows them to avoid having to discuss the unpleasant aspects of life.

    No, you're there for someone or you're not. If I'm gonna rant at someone about my neglected bussy, they're gonna get to rant at me about the same thing too. Fair's fair. It's when it's not reciprocated that I'm out.

    Their fear of commitment often clothes itself in irrational fantasies, like feeling locked in a jail or hospital where the lack of freedom is complete;
    That's what kink is for Don't have a specific jail or hospital kink though.

    but once in love and committed, they are able to work hard to build a common future, which they are sure will be splendid.
    Yeah the thing is, why is it that the 7 ability to plan to avoid pain and maximise enjoyment keeps getting shafted for... other types of flighty descriptions. This doesn't cut it. Like "able to"?? ?

    Meanwhile, they do not want either of the two to miss a single one of the many social, intellectual and aesthetic possibilities the world presents. Engaging in so many activities tends not to leave enough time for cultivating an authentic intimacy. They superficialize romantic relationships into doing things together and talking about interesting subjects; if a problem arises, they pack their agendas so no time exists to talk about it ...
    Looks like someone got sold a 7 style romance but they playin'
    ,...Only with people I ghost from grindr. Like you get what you give bro, and most people like to give jack shit, so what do they expect. Anyway

    If a lover attempts to control or manipulate them, they discover it instantly and revel by withdrawing and becoming evasive or by distracting the other's attention, but rarely by confronting ...

    Yeah ok. I guess. But honestly when does confronting ever work with people like that????

    Flirty, they enjoy exerting their seductiveness because it confirms they are still sexually attractive.

    Ok guilty. Though I tone it down a lot because I have no idea how to flirt. Always nice when somebody smiles at you from that angle with long-ass eye contact tho.

    They allow themselves occasional infidelities without remorse, but try to spread these out so that none becomes a passion that induces them to abandon their lover. Conversely, if bored with a lover, rather than breaking the relationship off cleanly, they prefer gradually becoming so obvious in their infidelity that their lover splits.
    ...I would do that if I didn't care about my partner's feelings, even if they don't deserve it. Seriously, which part of 'a partner is also a part of our well-being' that these writers don't understand? maybe flighty Narcs, sure.

    Very playful, they know how to keep the illusion of love alive with manifold activities, intellectual stimulation and refined sex.
    .......Takes two hands to clap. Shit like this takes a whole lot of effort. Can't be the only one putting it in.

    They can easily replace negative emotions with something more enjoyable; and they have a splendid ability to elevate the tone of a weakened relation by focusing it on more brilliant things, supplying new interests to share, burying old conflicts, and starting over again.
    I can, yes. But believe me, if it gets to a certain stage where all you give is bad juju, and for some reason I can't leave, then you bet I'd be simmering with resentment. I'm only in a good mood because I want to be. Fuck you.

    In a short time they recover their optimism ... it does not take them very long to find another love.
    Hard tho when you're 7sx and are an idealist and your dating pool is small as shit to begin with due to other factors.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady_X View Post
    ugh this one is pretty awful too. can't they at least preface this by saying a 7 that's really immature, selfish and doesn't care about you much....
    I completely agree! I am a 7 and I really don't think I do this. I haven't had cheated or had affairs. I even avoid people that I know will flirt with me. I read his entire 7 section and I didn't think it was that accurate, personally
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