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    I've always on-and-off considered 6 to be a fix, but never my main type. Looking back at it, I think it's pretty clear that I'm a 6. But there are some reasons why I couldn't figure out my type.

    1. The usual indecisiveness, of course.

    2. I never tested as 6. I now know that tests tend to be stupid, but that was a big thing for me when I was just dipping my toes into enneagram.

    3. I don't relate to most 6 descriptions. Especially the super compliant ones, with a name like the "Loyalist." I had the conception that 6s tend to (blindly) follow authority and certain people, and I've always considered myself skeptical of everything and especially of everyone. Now I realize the skepticism is super 6...

    4. Being an sx-dom and soc-blind makes my behavior lean more on the counterphobic and passionate side than stereotypical 6s.

    It also took me a while to get into the triads and the core fears/behaviors of enneagram, instead of just typing by stereotypical descriptions. Most of the triads of 6 fit very well (although I think I'm so much more frustration than attachment). However, as much as I may not be proud of it, I'm constantly seeking "support" and "security" in my own way.

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    I'm 6 fixed, but I still had a lot of trouble figuring out my type. That definitely could be attributed to 9, but technically my head type was the hardest to figure out. Apparently, 6s are the most curious type-I'm most certainly curious. On a superficial level, I relate to 7 and 5 a lot. With 7, I'm a woman of taste, I see the fun in any situation, I like adventure. For 5, I can research hours and hours and I have the observance of a hawk. Because of my 5-ish and 7-ish interests, I never would have considered a 6 fix in my early days of enneagram, it didn't stick out to me. It would make sense because 6 would have either of those wings. But, do I have any of the fears? Not really. I feel like I have some of the motivations sometimes which can be kind of confusing(like finding the fun in everyday things). But 6 is really the only realm where I experience any real "fear"-searching for security and turning to others when I need to make a decision. I'm mostly ambivalent towards authority, so that made me question my 6ness too(but then again, not my core). I think my double attachment also makes me more multifaceted, and there's all of the doubt that comes from being 6 fixed and triple doubt.
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    6s take a while to land on their type because no one wants to admit their core psychic wound that they've built their entire personality around is fear, and also because they don't want to accept that they're the worst type.

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