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I have a need to feel, smell, see, and hear it, literally in the moment, or it isn't the same experience at all, and it seems like that could be Se-related. ... Sexuality is like that, so a lack of it is very much an absence that can't be recreated.

This combination of needing meaning with intimacy combined with needing the literal expression of it makes the experience somewhat out of personal control. It leaves a person destined to a painful life.
The ESFP way seems a bit more focused on the experience. The other person and the situation are opportunities to experience a magical moment, as long as it feels at least somewhat right. A magical moment seems to have a life of its own, a loss of control seems natural.
It feels horrible saying No to a magical moment, but what about hurting one's partner, is it "right" not only now but in the bigger picture of my life, argh! I will be there tomorrow. Being "responsible" feels like being half-dead, or I don't get what responsible means

Nothing to contribute really, but this topic tortures me and you touched on it. I try so hard to be considered and not single-minded, not to assume outright.

Would be awesome to have more of those wise Fi musings out there to learn from. They've been great so far. Keep going.