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    Quote Originally Posted by Lexicon View Post
    Anyone know of an affordable [read: cheap] drugstore shampoo & conditioner line for thick, coarse hair that tends to frizz a bit? Anytime I find a nice product that makes my hair look/feel shiny wonderful, it ends up making my hair greasy faster (my skin & hair can be a bit on the oilier side anyway), & gives me an acne flare up on my face within a few days (& when my hair is longer, acne on my shoulders, sometimes).

    Tresemme made my hair look/feel awesome, but I got horrible breakouts from that line. Pantene is out, too (super oily result/creates a lot of buildup). Any suggestions are welcome, as long as they’re low cost & I can find them easily. My hair isn’t color treated or anything like that. Pretty low maintenance these days. Just wash/condition & exist.
    My hair is thick and wavy, somewhat prone to frizz when it's dried out. I used Pantene for years before switching to shampoo bars. It's not for everyone, but I got sick of needing to wash my hair every single day (I have really long hair, it takes forever to dry); the area around my face would get weighed down and feel a bit greasy if I didn't, and my scalp would start itching to be washed*. But if I used something more drying than Pantene, it'd just be frizzy and unmanageable and my scalp would itch just from dryness. With shampoo bars, I only need to wash every 2-4 days and it's not too dried out on the first day. I don't use conditioner, but I do alternate between (Trader Joe's) chamomile & green tea and watered down apple cider vinegar for rinses - both leave my scalp feeling better (no 'itching to be washed' for days) and my hair shinier and feeling smoother (I don't understand how, but they do - although the quality of acv makes a big difference, the cheapest isn't especially helpful). I was really surprised by how they're better detanglers than most conditioners.

    I don't have patience for styling my hair - it's wavy/curly, gets all "fuck you" if I even try, I'm very much just a wash-and-go (and DON'T further antagonize) type, so I can't say whether they work well with any styling products or appliances. I put (Trader Joe's) argan oil on the ends after washing, and that's it. The shampoo bars I use seem to work perfectly for this. I can't even remember what normal shampoo costs, so I don't know how it compares - but one bar lasts about 2-3 months for me and mine cost about $9 each.

    Shampoo bars really aren't for everyone. I'm just throwing it in the pot here for consideration.

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    Have you tried Hask? It's paraben and sulphate free, inexpensive and uses different oils in it. I found it at Costco first and later at Dollarama.

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