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    , everyone.

    @Yuu, I’ve heard many others complain about the same thing. It sucks that all those rotten apples have to ruin things for some many people.
    Those dumplings sound amazing though!

    I’m still feeling under the weather. It’s almost as if my “sleeping sickness” has returned. I’ve slept more, in the last 3 or so days, than I have in months. I’m having traveling stress dreams... but I don’t have any trips coming up until late Fall. Is it just because hubby’s off this week and he’s been WANTING to do stuff? Is it because of the workers and the intrusion into our space? Am I just getting sick? All of the above lol?
    I’ve only been awake for a couple of hours but I’m already ready to crash again.
    The other weird thing is that I’ve been RAVENOUSLY hungry. I’ve been wanting sweets, which isn’t normally a weakness. But when I give in and eat something sweet, I get nauseated and even more lightheaded


    The last Panda (kitten) died today. The only kitten remaining is Scardy Stripes. She’s mostly feral though she’s been accepting pets more often. Her eyes are getting funky though. I don’t have high hopes, though it’s a good sign that the sickness didn’t strike sooner.

    I’m going to try to load a photo from my iPad without imgur. If it doesn’t take, I’ll redo it from the PC later.
    Attachment 21427

    He was on my floor earlier. It’s a crab spider. He was large for a crab yet still just a little bigger than a dime. I put him outside though I felt like a jerk for doing so. He’s probably spent his whole life in my room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Non_xsense View Post
    I tried vitamins supplements , yoga , trying to follow a "normal" structure , but meh... i just don't like to sleep.
    Wow you remind me of my aunt! She sleeps at 3:00 am and wakes up at 6:00 am!

    I have a really bad flu right now that's why it was hard to sleep, but then I did sleep for few hours
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