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    Quote Originally Posted by musicheck View Post
    I border on INTP, but I definitely think the sidekick dynamic sort of applies at times in more social settings, whereas I've basically singlehandedly been the driving force behind a lot of his success in college. Its gotten to the point where I think he's simply using me as a source of academic advice and help on his work, so I've decided that at some point in the next couple years I'm going to cut ties with him in the way that does the maximum damage to him as a person.
    lmao, such an INTJ thing to say.
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    I wish.

    I had tons in middle school.

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    I am very internally focussed/withdrawn thus the I on my profile. Overall, I see myself as xNTP, but based on the functions, I could be the person who has the INTP as the sidekick. I identify with the ENTP functional stack over the INTP functional stack/ne first, tertiary fe. I am somewhere between those two (and perhaps a few other types) I can see inferior fe but my fe influence could be pushed to third slot. It's hard to say if I'm third slot si or fe because I can see strong arguments for both.

    One of my longtime IRL best friends is INTP, but it's hard to say if I'm the sidekick or she is. I think of myself filling more of the sidekick slot. xD (I suspect she's 539 tritype.) We've known each other since middle school. and we fangirl and nerd over a lot of things together.
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    If anyone wants to Volunteer to be my INTP sidekick they're welcome to.
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    Seeker, Researcher, My intrigue is with the nature of the world and the humans in it. As well as myself. I collect info, struggle, fascinate, pick apart, learn grow, evolve, skip from one to another. I hope to one day share this data in a purposeful way that positively influences people/the world.

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