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Here's me sharing this with Typologycentral as usual. I reposted this analysis on PerC as well, so here it is. I figured I'd follow my pattern and share my recent Naruto posts, I have 3 of them so far so here's the first one for people to see that I did on reddit before. Share your opinions on what you think down below. I've been rewatching Naruto the past few weeks so these points and arguments and opinions are fresh in my mind why Naruto is a clear ENFP in my opinion. None of this is from memory but from recent rewatch of the series on Netflix the past month I've been watching again on the series recently now, I just got to Shippuuden on rewatch and will be getting to that in due time to analyze Naruto's character and actions in Shippuuden so look out for that. Thanks for the support as always.

I figured I'd post this since for one, I never actually made a post on Naruto before. And two, I think its about time I did since I grew up with the series and seen a fair amount of both series through the years even though Naruto isn't my favorite series even though I still love it a lot and am still a huge fan of the series overall. Now this is an old post I decided to share of my opinion on why Naruto is an obvious ENFP in my opinion from rewatching the first 7 episodes or so. I basically finished up to the Zabuza arc or so after rewatching it the past few weeks and am now rewatching the Chuunin Exams right now, I had a debate with someone about ESFP vs ENFP for Naruto online and so this post came about after observing Naruto from the first several episodes as a response to him for my argument for ENFP for Naruto. And in my opinion Naruto is definitely ENFP and was characterized as so which I believe most people agree on most the time but some people don't so this is for those people or even people that do type him ENFP as well I guess those people will just get a kick out of reading a long in depth ENFP Naruto post in my opinion and for you ESFP voters I hear you and respect your opinions but I ask just try to get to the end of this post and see if you agree or disagree with my ENFP opinion for Naruto at the end. But again this is just based on the first 7 or so episodes or mainly from the beginning of Naruto, all the way up to the Zabuza Arc finished and ended and the Chuunin Exam was just beginning. I'm actually again like I said rewatching the entire Naruto series, and probably will switch to the manga at some point in Shippuuden since I absolutely hate the Naruto Shippuuden anime and all of its filler nonsense in non canon or canon episodes a like and all the freaking flashbacks.

But anyways I'm rewatching and rereading the entire Naruto series and once I'm done I'm going to write my first fully in depth Naruto post like I did with Gon or Goku and share my opinion on him finally more in depth for the first time. I'm working on a Luffy ENFP post with my ISFJ friend that we're working on together and that will be out soon, but my Naruto post will probably take awhile before I finish rewatching the entire series to do that and I'll probably ask my ISFJ friend for help on that future Naruto post too since he also agrees Naruto is ENFP and my ISFJ friend knows a lot more about Naruto than me, and his knowledge of the series far exceeds my own in every way possible, along with his amazing memory which ISFJs are known for anyway as we all know. Ok enough rambling, here's my post down below based on the beginning of Naruto up till the end of the Zabuza arc from an old post I made that I'm sharing here now and look forward to a more in depth Naruto post based on his behaviors and actions from the whole series in the future, this is going to be a long one so be prepared for that, thanks for the support.

Ok so why Naruto is a clear ENFP in my opinion. I'll start off with blanket statements and general traits and explain why in more detail below, Naruto is idealistic, imaginative, happy go lucky, curious about everything, always coming up with ideas, naive, scatter-brained and doesn't pay attention to details in the moment and is slow to react, and is always asking questions all the time like Ne users are known for, and most importantly, he sees possibilities everywhere in life and thinks nothing is impossible to him! Now let me explain each point in depth and explain why for each one. Ok so when we're introduced to Naruto we see him with the class clown prank, ok you might think typical ESFP behavior ok fair point but ENFPs can like to prank too I've seen it, I even have an ENFP niece that likes to do this, overall Fi users and Te users like to have fun with things and people and definitely EXFPs like having fun for the sake of it to address this point and percievers in general, especially EXXPs but no matter, this is a superficial point and not enough for either argument of ESFP or ENFP, the most I would say is Naruto is a clown because of having a scarred Si childhood but I don't want to discuss this too much since I have better examples I can give than this but I had to address it since its an obvious detail people see and mention so there you go. So let's move on to better examples, before I move onto better points lets get the obvious one out of the way, he wants to become Hokage and its his dream, no I know what your thinking, hey ESFPs can dream and have goals like that and your completely true and right about that. You can argue its an unrealistic dream and its Ne since Naruto is going after it anyway and even doing it for his Si past to prove himself to the village but someone could make a strong argument that an ESFP can do this too so I understand, so leave this point up in the air for now, I'm gonna move onto stronger points and get this one out of the way since its a common point people mention all the time.

Naruto is always curious about everything and is constantly asking questions, all of the time. I'm kinda surprised Mara from practical typing didn’t realize this but I can understand why since they take certain things and get fixated on them and miss other things as a result hence some in my opinion mistypes like Sasuke ESTJ I feel, which I strongly disagree with as most other people do, even if I respect their opinion of course at the end of the day. But back on point, Ne users and intuitives are always asking questions all of the time, especially Ne users. Naruto wants to go a real mission after doing boring tedious ones and wants to do something more challenging right as people remember, now when the Third Hokage concedes and gives him a better mission and says he's escorting someone, he gets really excited and then proceeds to ask "Who? Who? Is it a princess? A counselor? A feudal lord?" This is Ne curiosity coming into play and asking questions all the time and being curious about everything around you, I think this is a common point people forget in Ne users, it's not just about ideas and imagination only, its always about asking questions all the time. "How did you have a kid with her if she's a robot?" - Goku "Do mermaids poop?" - Luffy, "Why did you become a Beast Hunter? Gon asks to Knuckle and then he immediately asks another question once Knuckle answers the first one being, Gon - "Then, Why did you volunteer for the punitive force?" When Phinks says "It's not like we can kill the chain user now anyway." Gon asks - "Wait what do you mean? Phinks - Well, he used his chains on the boss didn't he? That means we can't kill him. Gon - "Why not? Isn't it the other way around?" Killua - It's pretty useful to have someone around who's willing to ask questions." Ne is all about asking questions and curiosity and Mara's post help remind of this trait in them, so essentially one thing to look out for to type a Ne user is pay attention to how many questions they ask in the series and if your watching sub how many times question marks appear for that characters dialogue. If you see it all the time then that person is most likely a high Ne user and definitely a Ne dom or aux character. Naruto asks questions all the time and in that scene specifically Naruto said Who? over and over again then asked multiple questions in excitement on who they could be possibly escorting, this is all Ne coming out in him. He does this again when there on the boat talking about Gato and his company when he asks What? What? He does this constantly other times like when he wanted to know and ask questions about the dead people during the Kakashi Team 7 test, Naruto asks "Then, what kind of heroes are they?" and then urges him to tell him the answer, this is all Ne in Naruto again and constantly asking questions to people about everything with his Ne.

Now onto the next point, Naruto comes up with ideas all the time and especially comes up with ideas based on past experiences and past details with his Si. He did this in the Kakashi Team 7 fight again when Kakashi said you need to watch your back Naruto and the finger prank on him, Naruto then later on pulls off a strategy and idea he came up with and literally repeats this statement that he remembers Kakashi telling him about I thought you told me you have to watch your back Kakashi sensei, with a devious smirk on his face. Naruto remembers what he said with his Si and repeats the line after getting behind Kakashi and grabbing his back and then after he repeats the line Naruto says he came up with the idea to have one of his clones come from the bottom of the river and sneak behind him and then after the plan worked he went for the counter attack, this is all Ne and Si in Naruto here. Naruto also came up with the idea of Sexy no Jutsu on his own, no matter how childish it seems it is a new jutsu and idea he came up with, I think people forget this. This is all his imagination coming out. Naruto comes up with the idea to stop Zabuza and free Kakashi, he literally thinks several steps ahead and comes up with the idea of contigency plans in the moment for every possible scenario and bad thing that could happen and prepares for everything that could go wrong, this is all Ne seeing all the possibilities in the situation. He prepared for Zabuza catching the Shuriken, he came up with the idea to distract him first with the clones in the first place and start the plan when he grabbed the weapons out of bag and set the plan up with throwing two shuriken and setting it up to be hidden in its shadow, he thought ahead again in case Zabuza dodged it and when he did we see that Naruto was the second shuriken all along and his idea completely works and Zabuza is forced to set Kakashi free and remove his arm from the water bubble, and then Naruto explains how far he thought ahead in the future with everything and explains his idea in depth to us, this is a massive Ne moment in Naruto and I hope other people can see that when I explained it all out here.

Next, Naruto is a idealistic as hell and a massive dreamer, I'm not just talking about the Hokage thing don't get mixed up. I'm talking about his approach to everything and all the obstacles he faces. Naruto is not pratical or realistic in the slightest and is massive idealistic with everything he does and he's completely obsessed with the past and loves telling people how far he's come and everything he's been through with detail which is all typical Si and he also gets hung up on past experiences like when Sasuke ones up him everytime. We see this when he leaves for the Zabuza escort mission and he fails and messes up again, also this is a good time for this point too, Naruto is bad a paying attention to details and reacting to them quickly. The two ninjas the snuck up on him is a prime example of this and also shows how Sasuke is definitely an Se user regardless of where you argue its in his stack, I type him INTJ but that's a discussion for another day but one thing for sure Sasuke has a much better grip on his Se even if I think its inferior for him, he still uses it decently well especially compared to Naruto. Naruto completely fails to react quickly to new details in the moment and we see this when the two Ninja sneak up on him and he struggles to move and react quick enough, showing he's not particularly good at Se much at all at least in general. Kakashi even comments on this when he saves them and says "I'm sorry I couldn't save you sooner, I just didn't think you would freeze up like that, Naruto."

And then Naruto gets pissed and then stabs his hand and starts thinking about it and explaining the past out loud with his Si and gives this long drawn out speech on how far he's come and each time Sasuke you keep showing me up, his Si focuses hard on past experiences and gets hung up on details like Sasuke calling him "scaredy cat" or other moments that happened in the past between them, or other flashback scenes we see like him training in his room or meditating and trying to work toward his goal and be ninja despite what people say and so on. Si means a lot to Naruto, to an extreme degree and so does Ne because immediately after this he states "I will never back down again and let someone else rescue me! I will never run away and I will not lose to Sasuke! Upon this wound, I will make this pledge, believe it!" (Which is all Fi and Si by the way) Anyways, he continues to say "Bridge builder, I'll complete this mission and protect you with this Kunai knife!" Naruto believes he can do all this and become no Hokage all no matter what along with any other crazy impossible goals he adopts that he wants and says he will do, he does this again when he hears Inari's sad story about his dad's death and immediately says right after hearing the story and then thinking back to what Hinari said with his Si about "Theres no such thing as a hero, only stupid kids believe that!" and also remembering seeing him cry with the picture, Naruto then immediately says "I'm gonna prove it. I'll prove that it's true, that in this world, there are real heroes!" And then we see him carry on this conviction to become a hero for Inari the rest of the arc after hearing this with his Si and stick to the conviction with his Si and Fi and believing he that its possible for him to become a hero too and pursues that dream no matter how crazy it sounds, Nothing is Impossible to Naruto! Naruto believes he can do anything at every point in time no matter how crazy or impossible it sounds, Naruto is definitely an ENFP, without a doubt in my mind for sure in my opinion.

I think I hit all the notes so far why he's definitely ENFP in my opinion, some more extra points are anyone and any type can also want revenge and be hung up on past experiences but Si users do it to a much more extreme and major degree and you can usually see it and tell the difference when an Si user of any kind gets affect by a past experience and even wants revenge for a past action someone did to them or their friends and family. I explained how Naruto responds like an Si user to past experiences just like an Si user would and I definitely believe he does this again with his Nine tailed fox rage awakening against Haku when he thought Sasuke died. Even though on the surface he hated Sasuke, he in the end really cared for him and all the memories of their past experiences and everything they've been through all this time deeply affected Naruto in a Si and Fi way and after Haku "killed" him Naruto got affected by it strongly just like an ENFP and Si user would and in particularly an Si inferior ENFP would react in this scene and his Si rage triggers him to go berserk along with his Fi and makes him transform and want to kill Haku for what he's done and want to get revenge for Sasuke at all costs for killing his best friend in front of him. Also some more extra points is Naruto learned the Rasengan by watching the cat hit the ball with its paws, which is typical Si and Ne idea generation and axis going on there. And from this he comes up with the idea to use his shadow clones to create the Rasengan for him, this is a genius idea from Naruto and a extremely abstract way to use the Rasengan, no ninja in history before him ever came up with the idea to do that in order to use the Rasengan and look this young kid came up with the idea for it just like that with his Ne. Also Naruto has a million Rasengan varations he came up with this Ne as we all know, I critiqued Mara on this point and said Ne doesn't always mean something like they wouldn't want to make variations on one jutsu, I think this is a very flawed point and very bad way at looking Ne vs Ni. Ne users just focus on what interests them and the Rasengan technique is one of them that Naruto loves to focus on and innovate with his Ne. Those are some of my points so far and I'm actually gonna write a longer more in depth Naruto post in due time since I'm rewatching the whole series now. I'll have in depth posts on each of the major characters so look forward to that if you want to. Right now I'm working on a ENFP post for Luffy with my ISFJ friend more in depth, we're gonna work on it together and he's also gonna help me edit it before I launch it. I'm also working on Dolflamingo, Law, and Usopp soon as well that I should have posted on the MBTI reddit in time and individual type subreddits. I hope this analysis you enjoyed based on the first 7 episodes or so of Naruto and sorry the post was so long and took so long to right, I hope you approved of it and liked and understand my points, thanks for reading.

One last point I just remembered is Naruto always sees a possibility to save Sasuke with his Ne and Fi too, his NF idealism really shows here, it’s like his entire character in Shippuuden besides his Hokage Dream.

Here's some more points I'll mention since I got further than this post and finished the Zabuza arc entirely just recently. So I have a few more points to add down below, thanks for bearing with me till now.

Some Ne moments I saw in Naruto in the Zabuza arc and Ne questions he asked in the arc at the end. I'm also gonna mention random moments at the end of the Zabuza arc that show Ne and Si in Naruto here:

Naruto asks who are these guys? when Gato's crowd shows up. What are you doing, hey?! When Gato stepped on Haku's face. And then Naruto says, "He was your comrade, right?" "Do you really mean that?""Even then you don't feel anything at all?" "You...really...honestly don't feel anything at all?" The big question Naruto asks is "When someone becomes as strong as you, does that person behave like you?"

When Zabuza and Haku hold hands and die Naruto says, "He told me it always snowed where he came from, all the time." for Si in Naruto. If that's what being a Ninja is all about something is out of wack, is that why we do all this training? Naruto hates traditions. He then says "Okay, I've decided! I'm finding my own Ninja way, something I can pursue that I absolutely won't regret" Showing his Ne ideas and idealism here of deciding to find a new way of being a Ninja in his own way, it doesn't take him long to come up with this idea and ideal showing Naruto's Ne and NF idealism here perfectly. He learns from this experience with his Si and uses this past experience and Si to not want any regrets and to get rid of the old Ninja traditions in his mind and search for a new possible way of being a ninja with his Ne that he decides to do here with his Ne and Fi both alike all in this once inspiring scene at the end of the Zabuza arc. This moment ends and kicks things off for the conclusion of this saga and lets us get ready for the new one upcoming with a fresh start.

When they get back Naruto gets excited and curious about the next mission and then immediately starts fantasizing and imagining saving Sasuke from danger in his head, Naruto shows a ton of Ne here in this scene again with his curiosity for the next mission and again with him uses his imagination in this scene and not paying attention which Kakashi points out because Kakashi wants to start the mission already. We also see Naruto's clumsiness yet again when their doing errands and chores when he slips in the river easily when there picking up trash, which is a common intuitive stereotype of intuitives being clumsy in the sensory world especially Ne users. Later in the episode Naruto asks the Ne question on why Konohamaru is wearing goggles?

I think this guy did a really good job with analyzing Naruto and justifying his ENFP opinion. I think he mistyped the other Naruto characters hard in my opinion but we spoke about it in the comments and people shared their opinions on what the other Naruto characters might be in depth in the comments and he's open to all opinions and was cool and read and thought about other options as well for them. Check out his video here and opinion on ENFP for Naruto:

Naruto MBTI Typing Series | (Episode 1) Naruto Uzumaki - YouTube

Edit, PracticalTyping is very bad at typing characters and misunderstands functions and does a lot of bad stereotyping. Don't take them seriously since they mistype characters often like Sasuke ESTJ, Usopp INFP, Neji INTJ, or Aizen INFJ. But I'll still keep my original comment on them down below for you to read here:

Here's an ESFP opinion from PracticalTyping for the opposing opinion, I disagree with it and still type Naruto ENFP but here's an opposing argument from their point of view. Some flaws I'll mention from there argument though in my opinion I'll mention is they say Ne users talk a lot and give long explanations and long drawn out speeches all the time in their blog and Naruto is known for Talk no Jutsu in the Naruto community and series and giving long drawn out speeches all the time. And the teaching Konohamaru the Rasengan point is invalid because it was filler also and even sparks a debate anyway on how sensors and intuitives learn and teach, which is a discussion for another day, but regardless of that the scene was filler anyway like I mentioned and wasn't in the manga. Se users and Ne users are both impulsive and jump into things without thinking both, there both percievers and spontaneous not judgers who prefer to plan more. Also Naruto is curious about everything is always asking questions like I mentioned with my points above but Praticaltyping seemed to miss this it seems for some reason and Naruto definitely comes up with ideas on the spot all the time with his Ne imagination and is always talking about past details and past experiences with his Si as well, also Ne users can want to innovate and improve one ability or technique with their Ne even if most do usually learn a wide range of techniques, it's not absolute for any type with these points so I disagree with practicaltyping with that point as well. And also I strongly disagree with their Sasuke ESTJ typing as well along with Naruto's and others like INTJ for Neji and so on, I type Sasuke INTJ and Neji is ISTJ in my opinion. That's some of my rebuttal and disagreements to their points but its their opinion at the end of the day and I respect it so here you go, you check it out for yourself and see what you think of it from seeing the post on your own and you can form your own opinions on the post and their points which I'm sure I don't have to explain to anyone:

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Function posts they made that explain how they see Ne in depth from their perspective:

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An ENFP post on Jiraiya explaining the long speeches and introductions point more in depth for Ne in their eyes on how they see it, particularly of that aspect of them saying long speeches and producing words and talking all the time is a Ne trait in them:

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Here's a really good post I'd say discussing this debate and confusion from Fictionalcharactermbti discussing Se vs Ne in Naruto and which one they see more in Naruto in depth. Check this post out for sure a long with the others, they brought up some good points as well I feel so here you go: