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Definitely wanted to share my Aerith INFJ post here at typology.

When Aerith talks to cloud on the rooftop she shows her Ni clearly in one scene in particular. She mentions how she was in her head thinking about leaving before but in the end couldn't she says, Aerith says the world and what it could be like is too much and is huge and bursting with life. She says maybe the world is more than I can handle she thinks sometimes, showing that she's in her head more often overthinking what the world is like behind the scenes and what the future could hold for her if she we're to up and leave. She thinks before she acts despite her forwardness on Cloud, INFJs that are passionate about things and someone can be very forward sometimes and I know personally am one and I do that at times a lot. But being more objective again we see here in this scene that Aerith is very cautious and careful and thinks about the future a lot in her head and struggles to act and again thinks more in her head about things and about what the world could be like if she we're to leave in the future. And that fear of what the world is like makes her struggle to act and explore and leave to experience the outer world more out of Midgar like an extrovert would and rather she has her focus on her thoughts and is being more hesitant to act on things like an introvert would do normally and also she overthink things like INFJs are known for too. Seconds later she get's very spiritual, mystical, and intuitive, she speaks very symbolically about passion, dreams, flowing and bending together into something greater she says with her Ni intuition here and being deep and symbolic with her Ni definitely in this scene.

Aerith struggling on the rooftops is good proof of inferior Se. She struggles with physical things and responding to details in the moment and is very clumsy and needs saving a lot when she's about to fall, Se doesn't mean you like and are good at physical things, Ne users for instance can like or be good at physical activity and things and like physical things like any type out there, but Aerith in my opinion is clearly showing she struggles with responding to details in the physical environment and sensory world and reacting to details and being in the moment is a clear struggle for her as a Se inferior user for Aerith. When she falls off the roof at the end we see her inferior Se again like I mentioned and then Cloud says never a dull moment with you and she asks is that a compliment showing her Fe caring about respect and manners here too. She's decisive and says let's go to the backstreets after suggesting it to cloud and tells him there will be monsters and to anticipate it with her Ni. When they see the heart of the slums Aerith states they took a detour and asks Cloud is he getting tired, Fe aux in her coming out. She says she's getting hungry and if he is as well and then she says your in for a treat when we get back.

She says you'll want to make time and eat my moms cooking and that's the final word on it, we'll get back and eat till their full, showing Fe of Aerith reacting to Cloud's emotions and his moodiness and essentially telling him to stop being reluctant and deciding for him that they'll eat and he'll feel much better once they eat a good meal together. She's close to the kids in the slums and cares about their emotions and well being a lot. She got herbs for the people of the slums and cared about their emotional state again and taking care of them with their Fe. Aerith acts very mysterious and struggles to express herself and say what she means which very INFJ and common in Ni users. She says the flowers have something important to tell us, at least that's the feeling I get anyways showing her Ni dom behavior her and how he get mysterious hunches about things that she struggles to explain. But then she says before they can, there's a final step that has to be taken, otherwise we won't hear them, show Ni vagueness and symbolic understanding of things and not being too clear what she means on assessing the flowers with her Ni focused symbolism here in this scene. She comes to the conclusion of maybe she should give up, its what she does best. Cloud says it could fool him, so far from what he's seen she's never a quitter. She ends it off by saying today is special and them tells them its time to go. When Cloud tries to sneak out and Aerith appears and says she's going with him, she runs back and says Cloud is everything ok in a very sympathetic way showing her Fe again here. Later on when they see Wall Market she says its a real special place and then says, "But...I'm sure you already knew that, right?" Showing her Ni coming to a conclusion early and Ni tunnel vision of expecting Cloud to already that Wall Market is a special and unique place and area in Midgar.

This part and paragraph below is actually for Tifa and why I type her ISFJ now and a clear Si dom and Ne inferior and not ESFJ anymore after playing the remake and remembering the old original game better. But this Tifa ISFJ section of the post for a later one will also help people see why Aerith is INFJ and a Ni dom so I'm going to include it here anyway even if I'll probably definitely use this part for a future ISFJ Tifa post.

Tifa cares a lot about Si security, gathering details to remember for later and holds onto memories in great detail, promises, and past experiences to a huge degree with her Si dominant in her for ISFJ. Tifa holds strongly onto the past and it affects her entire decision making in the game for the original and Remake. Why did you have men in Sector 7 asking about avalanche, Tifa is always caring about security and getting hung up on details that bother her from the past. She shows this especially when they question Don Corneo her Si and Ne inferior fear of what will possibly happens to Sector 7. Don Corneo says that Shinra is going to destroy and bring the Sector 7 support pillar plate down and Tifa gets completely hung up on it and worries about what he said constantly as they move forward in the game showing how much her dom Si means to her and how her inferior Ne surfaces with worrying about what bad things might happen in the future. Tifa asks Cloud would Corneo really tell the truth and say that Shinra would destroy the pillar and kill the people of Sector 7 just to get back at Avalanche? Cloud answers indecisively with his Ne as well and suggests the possibility and asks is Corneo the kind of game to lie to them just of mess with them. Tifa says I wouldn’t put it past him showing she considers the possibility with her inferior Ne. She remembers the stories they say about the Ghost Train place and repeats their words of what they said of the place in great detail, all Si in Tifa.

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Here's my continued point from the above paragraph moving into Aerith's Ni as an INFJ in this scene compared to Cloud and Tifa's Ne and Si for the both of them in the same scene to compare too with her for Aerith:

Aerith responds and focuses on the one possibility of Corneo actually telling the truth and says there’s still a chance he was, isn’t there with her Ni. She then says we should go and shows here she’s way more decisive in this situation than both Tifa and Cloud. And then Aerith says even if he was lying then so what? We got nothing to lose, showing her Ni decisiveness on going with one possibility and trusting her hunch and giving into her Se inferior impulse based on the details she sees in the moment.
Aerith gets a hunch with her Ni on what the ghost boss was saying after they beat them “That was fun.” “All this time you were waiting for someone to come play with you” She says a lot the ghost and figures out with her Ni intuition and Fe caring a lot about the emotional state of others. Cloud then is confused and questions Aerith’s strange Ni intuitive moment and asks, Cloud “What are you talking about?”

Your just trying to help aren't you? Another decisive hunch Ni line from Aerith again when the ghosts take her and look at her.
Aerith also was perfectly calm and level headed when saving Marlene in the Remake, she wasn't being extroverted, panicking, or talking a lot or freaking out over about telling Marlene we have to go now, of course ENFJs and extroverts can be calm and level headed too but being calm, soft spoken, and level headed is more of a introvert personality trait and stereotype and is definitely a trait in INFJs like Aerith here. Aerith was also calm and quiet when Dr Hojo talked to her in the tube she was locked and trapped in, she didn't say a word to him the whole time he spoke to her and tried to intimidate her, and ENFJ most likely would have been more talkative and animated in this scene. Aerith also shows her introversion and calmness by calming down Red XIII in the Remake and being perfectly calm and patting his head and not freaking out and causing her calm approach and demeanor to cause him to calm down himself and trust her, which is also ironic because Red XIII is also INFJ himself too. Aerith's Ni is triggered again at the end of the game as she gets very deep, spiritual, intuitive, mystical and symbolic and nervous with her Ni on whats about to happen she predicts in the future and the bad feelings she's having with her Ni hunches, when she get nervous and quiet when they we're finishing up the end of the game portion and going after Sephiroth and getting ready right before the bike ride sequence of the game.

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