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I decided to share my Sokka ENTP opinion here since people are confused on ENTP vs ENTJ even here too. So here ya go and my opinion why I type Sokka ENTP.

I'm ready to share my Sokka ENTP argument and post from Avatar the Last Airbender. I fully understand the ENTP vs ENTJ debate and saw both Ne and Te in Sokka in the show. But this post will highlight and show why Sokka is a clear Ne dom and Ti user in my opinion, and definitely uses Fe tertiary and Si inferior as well for ENTP for Sokka as well definitely. Sokka is a fairly efficient ENTP, which gets into the bad stereotype that Ne users can never be efficient or organized ever which is not true and Ne users and NPs hate when people stereotype them like this all of the time. Overall Ne users are scattered which Sokka still is with missing details as you'll see me argue later down below in my post but he's just a developed ENTP who's learned to be more efficient and cares about being a good leader and telling people what to do so that plans he makes or they have run perfectly, which ENTPs are fully capable of doing, if people think they can't then they have a close minded viewpoint of the ENTP personality and other types and that's a bad viewpoint to have on them I feel, cut Ne users some slack, they can do more than you think they can do at times. But anyways, feel free to share your opinion down below if you agree or disagree, thanks for reading and the support as always.
Sokka carefully listens with his careful Si observation about the detail the fire nation guy says on five fire blasts need to be blasted to open the door and then brainstorms with his Ne all the possibilities on how to open the door after just hearing what he said with his careful Si and thinking about what to do with his Ne, after his Ne brainstorms with enough time he gets a eureka moment with his Ne and comes up with the Ne idea on how to open the door and says "Five fire blasts huh? ......I think I can help you out." His Ne idea to open the door is rooted in a old trick his father taught him that he remembers and treasures with his Si inferior and says this trick will cause fake firebending. Katara says "you really outdid yourself here Sokka." And praises his Ne idea and ingenuity here.

After Sokka eats something off the wall in a cave because of his Ne curiosity on what it is and then spits it out, Katara yells at him and says "You've been hallucinating on cactus juice all day and then you just lick something you find stuck to the wall of a cave!?" Sokka then says "I have a natural curiosity" showing Sokka's Ne here and Ne curiosity of things and objects around him and what they are and could be. We again see Sokka's Ne curiosity of everything around him and his Ne curiosity excitement over things like for example when they went shopping in Book 3 in the Sokka's master episode to make him feel better he got really excited about the weapons and objects in the room and was curious on what they were and what they could do with his Ne curiosity of everything and object he saw around him, which then leads up to the massive Ne curiosity moment of the amazing sword he sees too.

In another episode Aang says "Your the idea guy" with Aang commenting about Sokka while looking at him and talking about how Sokka comes up with Ne ideas all the time in the series with his Ne, and his imagination and always seeing possibilities in every tough situation they get in with Sokka's Ne again and his Ne ideas he constantly comes up with on the spot to fix a solution or problem they're in.

Sokka's swordmaster says this about Sokka as he assesses him and says his skills didn't impress him as a swordsman but what did impress him was, the swordsman says Sokka showed something beyond that, he says Sokka has creativity, versatility, and intelligence traits the swordsman points out in Sokka, which are all common ENTP traits that Sokka all has as the swordmaster says here about Sokka having in him and he points out these strengths in him for why deserves to be a swordsman. And also says how these traits define a great a swordsman and how he sees these traits in Sokka himself definitely and is perfectly fit to be a swordsman by having all these traits in him. An ENTJ can definitely have these characteristics but an ENTP is more known for it with having Ne and Ti in their main stack of functions and for being versatile percievers as well and versatile Ne users too as NPs for ENTPs. Sokka then apologizes with his Si honor and feeling like he lied and dishonored him for lying that he's from the fire nation when he's from the water tribe. And then they have their battle and the episode goes from there with the master saying he always knew Sokka was from the Water Tribe.

Sokka said I got this idea of making armor for Oppa, Ne moment in Sokka again. And then later on, Aang literally says later in the episode to Sokka, "I gotta say it to you Sokka, you continue to impress me with your ideas!" After hearing Sokka's Ne idea of pretending to be Toph by using his messenger hawk to send the fake Toph apology message to Katara. The plan fails though when Katara says I know its from you because Toph can't write, which Sokka forgets with his Si inferior function here and with him missing this detail with his Si inferior and forgetting it completely, along with Aang another Si inferior user as an ENFP.

Sokka's Ne indecisiveness and Ti logical details shows up when he's unsure if they can win against the fire nation after he failed his speech and felt he wasn't being a good leader. He asks why Aang feels so confident that they can win and then Aang says with his Te and Si that I already failed once with his Si detailed memory, I'm not gonna do it again, with his Te confidence and efficiency compared to Sokka's indifferent Ti and Aang's Si conviction of the past and fixing his past mistakes. Sokka then later in the same episode comes up with another brilliant Ne idea on using waterbending to move the submarine there in to help infiltrate the fire nation, this is a huge Ne moment and idea for Sokka and his dad says let's hope your invention works and it did and got them through thanks to Sokka's creative Ne ideas helping them in these tough situations and with getting through potential future bad situations easier with his great Ne ideas like this, this waterbending the ships idea moment is massive Ne and ENTP evidence for Sokka for sure. Toph even jokingly remarks on Sokka's Ne idea by saying "Congratulations Sokka, you managed to invent an even worse way to travel than flying" and then throws up haha. Sokka's dad says he really outdid himself here Sokka, and Sokka says humbly "Well I just came up with the idea, the mechanist did all the work." Then the old man says "Don't sell yourself short my boy, it was your idea to use waterbending to make the sub sink and float, brilliant!" but then we get some humorous ENTP humor and fun as usual from Sokka which is normal since ENTPs are such funny people that like to mess with people and play around with things, we see this humor come out after praising this brilliant Ne idea from Sokka by everyone during this situation when the old man continues to say "Though your original design were a bit difficult to decipher" Showing a funny little drawing that looks silly and is hard and basic to read like as if a child draw it having fun, haha. Typical Sokka ENTP humor here as usual and Sokka is a silly character which is more common in ENTPs over ENTJs even if ENTJs can be silly too of course, ENTPs have usually a bigger range of silly character to badass one and Sokka is the silly one with his mild badass moments here and there too.

Sokka is always asking Ne curiosity questions and suspicious of things with his Ne and Ti both. He shows Ne indecisiveness like with struggling if he should buy the bag or not and going back and forth if he should possibly buy it or not and imagines himself having it and what it would mean for him before he finally decides to buy it after his Ne indecision brainstormed the idea of buying the bag earlier. He's always caring about logical accuracy with things like questioning if the fortune teller's prophecies are right and think there's something up, inaccurate, and wrong about them with his Ti seeing logical inconsistencies with the fortune teller and rejects them as false and inaccurate predictions with Sokka's Ti here in this scene. He imagines, second guesses, and wonders if its possible he'll screw something up all the time or on things he screwed up in the past with his Ne seeing the possibility of a better option or outcome that could have happened or thinking he'll possibly fail at something in the future, this is also unhealthy Si inferior holding to past mistakes in unhealthy ways. A good example of this is when he messes up the speech and regrets it with his Si inferior and then asks Aang. Sokka is always questioning everything with his Ne and Ti and cares a lot about accuracy with things with his Ti inferior and doesn't want to trust something until he has all the logical details figured out, learned, and understood with his Ti gathering accurate information about everything, everyone, and suspicious situations his Ti questions on is accurate or true information or not, Ti accuracy is everything to Sokka. Sokka also loves mechanical things and tools and loves breaking things down and figuring out how they work with his Ti, he did then when he met the Northern Air temple mechanic guy and saw all his inventions and was curious with his Ne and interested in how they worked logical with his Ti and wanted to break them down and learn every logical detail and systematic way they worked and gather as much logical information as possible about each invention accurately to understand each invention and item, Ti in Sokka coming out. Sokka has a very ENTP inventor personality himself who comes up with ideas and applies his Ne and Ti to tools and objects and invents things himself with Ne and Ti like the submarine idea again that came from his Ne ideas and Ti focusing on objects and using things and objects accurately and deductively to their fullest extent possible and seeing all the logical details for an object to utilize properly in a new inventive way and for a strategy to invade the fire nation enemies, which his dad and the others praised him for his great Ne idea and logical Ti analysis to use the submarine in the best way possible and inventing this new method of travel for them.
He again cares about society values with his Fe and thinking men are better than women with his Fe. He expresses his emotions outwardly often and can read the emotional state of others fairly well and often too. He cares for social harmony and goes along with what the others say even if he disagrees and he feels obligated to help others and be supportive and useful to them in some way and apologizes for his previous actions he did before too wrongly like with apologizing to the Kyoshi warriors with his Fe sympathy and respect for them now and Si apologizing for the past and being honored to train by them, feeling obligated to prove his dad proud as a leader and emotionally wanting to protect Katara and fulfill it, he compares himself to the group often with his Fe and gets emotional about it a lot, he wants to prove himself with his Fe that he can manage with the other benders with Aang and Katara in mind as the motivation of his Fe here, he cares about what the group thinks and feels with his Fe and their public opinion of him with his Fe clearly here with his Fe motivation to prove to Katara and Aang he's strong all on his own without bending or being a bender at all and wants them to know about it and prove it to them because of his Fe caring about it and their opinion of him here on this topic of his usefulness to the group and his abilities to the group as well. He reads people's emotions a lot with his Fe and likes to mess with people with his Fe and like ENTPs are known with focusing on others emotions and wanting to play around and mess with them using Ti and Fe to do so and tease and joke around with them with witty remarks and comments about themselves, their looks, what they said, and character, classic Ti and Fe teasing banter with other people, their pointing out their flaws with Ti and Fe, and messing with there emotions because they feel them all the time with there Fe too. Aang says in a episode when Sokka is feeling down with his Fe not being useful to the group, Aang says "who keeps up laughing with sarcastic comments all the time", classic Ti and Fe sarcasm of people, their flaws, and humor of other people and their feelings, Aang even tries to do it but fails amusingly as an ENFP by saying look just look at Katara's hair but fails the joke and just offends her since even though ENFPs are funny people too usually, Aang clearly doesn't have Ti and Fe sarcasm and humor in him and it shows here in this scene clearly as clear as day while Katara freaks out and says what's wrong with my hair and takes it seriously from Aang pointing it out.

Sokka holds onto the past in unhealthy ways with Si inferior, he gets mad and says "You burned my sister!" When Aang burns Katara and doesn't even listen to him and just gets hung up on the past action and grudges Aang at the time and situation. Sokka also has bad memory even though he remembers details often with his Si, he can't remember what his mother's face looks like for instance and example and can only picture Katara when he tries, low Si in him for inferior Si for sure for Sokka. Sokka's plans and ideas are genius and usually work out but sometimes a lot of the times they fail and he falls flat on them because his Si missed details and didn't sort out all the details the he should of did for the plan and idea to work. He again holds onto the past in unhealthy ways with his Si inferior by grudging the Fire Nation and not wanting to forgive anyone associated with them in the past or not like rejecting Zuko at all costs and other moments a fire nation character or person associated with them came into play that made him angry and blame them for what they did to his people and water tribe in the past and not wanting to trust them at all costs because of the things they did in the past to him, his family and tribe, and other innocent people in the past too, inferior Si in Sokka no doubt.

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