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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtual ghost View Post
    That will be the case until the computer virus hits the system or well placed missile the power supply in center of operations.
    This presumes centralization.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rav3n View Post
    Wild prediction but future wars won't require boots to the ground so soldiers won't be necessary and AI will take care of law enforcement.
    Yeah, that's why I was thinking more in terms of agents like Hana or Bourne/Treadstone, they are "super skilled" or "super powered" almost but the conflicts they engage in are not wars like those of the past, they are more intrigues and secret wars.

    The wars of the future I think will be indirectly waged via how nations deal with disease and climate change, those things had tested, seriously, the old capitalist orders and those orders have not faired well. I dont expect the "plan B" of those societies, which presently looks like various shades of racism or privileged caste systems, directly or indirectly/inadvertently are bolstered with conspiracy theories, will be any better at dealing with it either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rav3n View Post
    This presumes centralization.

    Of course there will be a centralization of some kind. Creating this kind of very high tech equipment requires ultra advanced production and such production by definition means there are some kind of center(s) and structure. On the other hand even if you have fully autonomous system in the field it is questionable how it will replenish it's energy supply on the long run (since they will need a lot of it in most cases). What in the end makes the system vulnerable to "starvation" and capture. Also if you have plenty of such machines you will need complicated logistics and if you have logistics you once again get into the domain of centralization. Since "robots" are probably the last thing that naturally "grows" in the environment. True, maybe a 200 years from now they will find the ways to solves all these problems but for foreseeable you will need boots on the ground.

    Plus even if you managed to make your mechanical troops fairly self sustainable out there at the end of the day this is just a piece of machinery. What means that it can be turned against you basically at any time or simply brake. What is the problem that will probably never really go away. Here is one supposed "incident" from few years back.

    Therefore having only the army that can just switch sides is strategically shallow approach. I publicly admit that I don't like western style glorification of technology since there are obvious weaknesses and limitations. Which must not be overlooked if you want objective analysis.

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