To me history is the most important subject and i said that because the goal of history is to the mistakes of the events. From what i have notice about the events at the core they happen the exact same way like a book, the basic structure, exposition,conflict,rising action,climax,falling action and resolution. Think of exposition as personal goal,conflict as getting supplies and think of rising action as preparation to execute goal and climax as you executing the plan and falling action as you cooling down and processing information and resolution as what you realize about what happen and how it change your perception. I said this to tell you how every book is structured the same way every historical event is structured the exact same way,there are some twist and turns. Also a lot of events happen because we took our freedoms and riches for granted,think of the israelites,they took their freedoms for granted and they fell,Roman empire ,same way,German empire same way and so on.