Putting this here because it's crazy, but interesting. I know a lot of you don't care about 4chan and the like. This is just something that I ended up thinking about while at work, and wanted to share a bit of internet history that would otherwise be entirely invisible. This is a offshoot in relation to my post in the "What is reality?" thread, about the GCP or Global consciousness project. I wanted to talk about evidence on the fact that it is possibly real. If you don't want to look it up, it essentially means that people can influence the RNG in computers with enough mental unity.

Okay, so what does this have to do with 4chan?

Anyone remember where Kek came from? Knowyourmeme gives a basic overall understanding. What I am referring to, is the "Cult of Kek". This satire cult, originated on 4chan during the 2016 presidential election. It is based on the Egyptian god of chaos and darkness. Why did such a abstract cult form there? It had to do with the sheer amount of RNG coincidences that occurred in such a short period of time, which arguably made people believe it. On 4chan, your posts are given a number. You do not know what your number is, until you post. You can try to manipulate it by waiting for the right moment, so it's no guarantee you will get the post number you want as thousands of others are all trying to do the same. 4chan has this age old belief of repeating digits predicting the "Truth", and corresponding memes. During the 2016 presidential election, someone noticed some coincidences between pepe, kek, repeating digits, and the hieroglyphics of Kek. (lots of schizos on that site as well as highly educated people)

Pepe had been a popular figure seen on 4chan for a few years. People were also talking about the conspiracies around teh elite at the time (specifically pizzagate). They pieced together a theory, and researched Kek and found more coincidences. This became later known as meme magic. Shadilay, being the word of worship, as well as a song that coincidentally had a frog with a magic wand on the record. The god that Kek opposes, would be Moloch. This is also connected with the conspiracies that the global elites are satanic paedophiles who worship Moloch. (See Bohemian Grove conspiracies etc)

Sounds silly right? Just a coincidence. Also just a coincidence that people claim that 4chan is what meme'd Trump into office through memes on social media. I thought it was bogus too, but then I started seeing the fucking repeating digits whenever someone said something pro-Trump before the election like some kind of schizo. People started talking about 7 being the most powerful magical number as well. Then this happened, and the prediction later became true (but this isnt so much about the election, as it is the alignment of numbers).

85e.jpg the blue numbers are all replies. The post number was all 7s made on June 18, 2016. It was far too much of a coincidence at this point. I seen this post happen live, so I know the screencapture is not photoshopped (apart from the bullshit on it).

So does this mean, 4chan possibly influenced the RNG of the site code to align the numbers in just the right way?