The following link will take you to the lost archives of the lost archives - Google Drive . A now dead website that featured wallpapers designed in part by myself and several shorter writings of mine. The main star in this old library was my autobiography titled "The Man Who Believes He Is God Incarnate". This book is still obtainable through the mentioned link. I have no hidden agenda by posting these relics on this forum, but only thought that it might serve some purpose or at least spark a fiery discussion. All writings from the are unfortunately not saved in this archive, but some.

I am writing this post after having been yet again incarcerated in a psychiatric ward, upon having left my apartment with a backpack loaded with toilet paper, Coca-cola and Tobacco to live off of the Heavenly Father and see what else Life had to offer than a dull loveless Life in Streamstrait (Strömsund), Sweden.

This is all written in the deepest of seriosity from my perspective. There is a special page devoted to the results of my popular psychology tests, political tests and DNA-tests.

Please do take into account that its about my Life, or the ruins thereof and be respectful in your comments. I am not planning a comeback to this forum, but I will check in on this subject maybe on a weekly or monthly basis.

To whom it may interest, thelogical and philosophical writings on a simple level. Accusations of Paranoid Schizophrenia from the World of medicine. An alternate reality for those who have no spirituality whatsoever.... Enjoy.