The overall goal of knowledge is to help improve people's lives and connect with each other,but it looks like it is being used to create conflict,make people think they're better than each other and make people think they're special,but in all reality,we are special in our own way,we just too stupid or blinded by ego to see it. I see why the mbti world is kind of dead,too many intuitives on youtube who know little to nothing of the cognitive functions, probably causing people to think if they're intuitive or they are not a certain type they are not special. Religion itself is the way,who cares about your,divided too many people. The goal of history is to learn from the mistakes of the past,but how can we learn from history when we are too divided amongst ourselves and also we have our weaknesses to display:hatred,unloyalty,lying,no commitment. I myself wanted to see the world burn because we are living in a world regardless whether you are innocent or not that will sacrifice you in order to benefit them in any sort of way. With the history that we have learned from tells me it is pointless for us to know history if we do not look at history not with multiple eyes because at the core of history,empires, and events they are nothing but a cycle itself. In history, there was a lot of great people in history,Joan of arc fight for her people of french at age of 18,Malcolm X and martin Luther led the civil rights movement,David slew a giant and so on, all these people were different but they did amazing things. Every single event that has happened and will happen connects,maybe not directly,but indirectly.