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    Quote Originally Posted by awbro View Post
    I say Ne and Si because those are the vibes I get from you, not seeing you around the forum much other than the Fluff Zone sub. You seem to have this playfulness in regards to making new ideas and jumping through rabbit-holes that I'd associate with Ne/Si, and Ti as a dominant function because you can be quite dry in your communication. Someone with high Fe is much more inclined to sugarcoat to get their point across, when they try to get it across. If you have dom Fe or aux Fe, you're probably a bit shy about communicating your actual feelings about something as opposed to just affirming what the group feels, and especially as a first or second function, it makes you quite sensitive and shy in general, even if you're an extrovert. That's why FJs and FPs are known as criers. INTPs can cry, but they're shy in a different way. They don't know how to handle their emotions because while they care for people, they don't want to disappoint them, and being blunt might have done it. They try to "solve" their emotions while FJs are naturals at just letting the emotions flow from person to person, because if those people are caring, they'll share the FJ's emotions, and the FJ will share their emotions, creating one big Fe fest. With TPs, they just want everyone to feel fine. They care about the emotions of other people, but they might not have tact.

    I agree you're definitely intuitive. ENFJs can go by gut instinct, but so can INTPs. In my argument, I'd try to convince you that telling captivating stories in an Ne/Si thing. What's your take on that here?

    Tactlessness is a bit what I've observed in you. You're not mean. You just like to debate about topics that you find interesting.

    Feel free to disagree, though. I'll be here to back up my case, the more evidence I get.
    I thought telling captivating stories is an fe thing. Cause youre grabbing their attention and getting them interested and excited to read. I notice i can grab peoples attention and have a long conversation cause I talk too much and one person notice i can get into it too much. It took me a couple yrs to really understand the 8 cognitive functions and if you read my si vs se function topic,I typed it in a way where you would understand the differences between si and se. Here's the link Si vs Se it may be a little too blunt
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