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    Default I need help to find my type!

    Hi everybody!! i got recently into mbti and i took some online tests. I mostly get ENFP or ESFP, and I also tried to understand the basics of the cognitive types! But if you could help me, I would really appreciate it!

    0. What's making you unsure of your type? What research have you already done to determine type?

    well! I usually get ENFP and ESFP as I said before, but im not really sure if maybe im missing something! ooh, and im really curious to know which type i am! Teehee!

    1. Establish a "baseline mood"--when you're at home with nothing to do, where are you at mentally and emotionally? What do you notice in yourself? (Note, this is not a mood you inhabit "frequently", but your psychological baseline).

    I really dislike free time at home i mean, i do really prefer being out with my friends, or going to work or to school. I need to find myself doing something productive. Rigth now, for example, and thanks to the quarantine, i find it hard to be soooooo many days stucked in the same place, its boring and uninspiring without the people i love now, i try to fantasize about the "what if i lived in a disney movie" "What if disney met spongebob" And so on, because i find it hard to have a routine. Im waiting for the day i can go out to see my friends again and to go to work again. I notice a feeling of loneliness and boredom as days pass by.

    2. Describe yourself--
    a. What's it like to be you?
    Well, thats a good question! Im cheerful, energetic and kind, although i struggle with depression and anxiety, i try to remain optimistic and hopeful. Im kinda childish, i look like an hyper 16 old teenager (and im 26 actually, sooooo i feel kind of old!) im compassionate, and my biggest downfall is that tend to worry about everyone else but me. Im innocent and kind of naive, too. I kind of wish life was like a fairy tale, so i try hard to make it happen. I love being around my friends, my family and i hate being alone for too long. I dislike boredom, and routine, i need something stimulating in my life to be fun and full of laughter!
    I love disney, and mostly anything fantastic and magical. I love being out, exploring new things, meeting potential new friends and travelling.
    b. What have others said about you?
    People describe me as cute, sweet, naive, outspoken, extroverted and crazy but disorganized and messy. For example, my friends compare my with characters as Ariel the little mermaid, Aladdin, peter pan, oliver from hannah montana, mimi from digimon or Vanille from final fantasy xiii.

    They say i usually have an exciting pressence and that my sweetness sometimes puts them at ease. They tend to tell me that im too innocent and lovesick, and that im kinda crazy and unique (as in weird...) because they say im peculiar and they havent met anyone like me. People often asume im gay when im not, just because of my pitchy voice and my childlike demeanor. And they also say im really good at handling people, as i work at customer service and im quite patient (with people at work)

    c. What do you think of yourself?
    I think im cheerful and childish. I try so hard at everything yet i fail most of the time. I have potential, but i dont know what could i be in the future. Whenever something bad happens, i tend to overthink and thinking that the future will be all black and dark and that i will die alone and missarable. I think im hardworking, yet i know how yo relax and have fun at parties or with my friends. Sometimes, i like to meet new people... But with the years, i habe become a bit wary of people and i try to not to judge anyone. I just have one thing clear in my life: i want to live my perfect happily ever after, having lots of friends and a happy wife and childrensp

    3. What are the issues you've dealt with in life? List some recurrent themes, and tell us a little about each on
    I struggled with loneliness... I was quite extroverted as a child and i had a lot of friends. But after my parents divorce, we had to move and i didnt have any friends in my new town, and i was bullied in school, so like for 5 years, i was completly alone and i became depressed and anxious. Even now, i still struggle with both problems but im not alone anymore! Since i was 19 i started to return to be myself and became extroverted again. Even though i feel alone sometimes (which i think its because of the past trauma and depression... ) i have friends now and i love them so much!

    4. You're not good at everything--
    a. What personality traits and/or ways of being are impossible for you to adopt?

    I cant be serious and stern nor have my mouth shut for too long. I wont ever be patient because, i really want everything now, not later, im unable to wait about ressults without getting worried. I wont be mean, like, i know how bad it feels to have someone picking on you, so i treat everyone with kindness. Im also unable to be unexpressive, you can know how i feel just by looking at my face, so if i feel sad, even if i say im not, my face will probably show it

    b. What are qualities you'd like to have, but can't seem to develop?

    I'd like to become less codependant of the rest. I feel like im unhappy without being around people, so... I would like to be more patient and less of a worrier because of the anxiety.

    5. Why have you left friends and other relationships in the past and/or why have they left you?
    I cut with people who are extremely problematic, or wont worry about me. Im tired of fake people telling me that they love me and they dont show it, or people who is unfair or crosses the line! I want people to love me, not to use me as a tool. So, if i sense that somebody is using me, they can count their days with me!
    I can also be quite outspoken, last year, i cut ties with some of my friends, because one was telling me i was wrong in my political opinion and she started to insult me, and so her parents did soon after, so after 12 years of being friends, i decided that it was too toxic for me... They were always telling how to behave and how loud and annoying i was stating that they just told me because they were worried about me. Also, another friend and i argued in new years eve, because i already had tickets to go to a disco, and she dislikes crowds and discos, so i went with another group of friends... And she got mad at me because she said i was selfiss and i didnt ask her. It was always like this, i was always talking to her and asking her to go out because she never ever worried about me

    6. Which Enneagram types do you identify with most
    i would say 7,as i dislike boredom and i like to chase happiness , 2 because im always caring about the rest and 3 because i always try yo succeed.

    7. Which Enneagram types are least like you?

    Well I'm definitely not a 4 or 5... Because im not into knowlegde that much and 4 because i dont find almost nothing in common with it.

    8. What are your attitudes toward finding love?
    im desperate to find love. I really want a loving girlfriend who is my best friend and girlfriend at the same time. Im not flirty, i want it to be romantic and find the right person at the right time, but i really want to have a happy love life. I grew up believing that fairy tales can come true.

    9. What is the message your superego tells you?
    Consider a time when you felt poorly about yourself--this means your ego.

    I feel bad if im not liked and loved, i want to be popular and likeable... I dont want to be alone ever again. In me teens i was ashamed of myself. I wasnt likeable... Popular or smart. I was really nothing, i was just there... Hoping for that nightmare to someday end.

    10. Determine your ego ideal--the way you strive to be and want others to perceive you. (Note, you may be consciously aware of failing at this, and you will be hard on yourself if you do. If someone else tells you you're NOT this way, it may make you feel hurt, violated, or angry.)
    Im good the way i am! I just hate when people assume traits that arent real in me. Im not a liar, or a cheater, or a bully or mean.

    Which of the following ideals resonate with you the most, and why? Rank them
    1) I want to be seen as brave and dynamic. I think its mostly the way i am already.
    2) i want to be perceived as cool. I always wanted to be liked and popular so...
    3) I want to be seen as wise and empathetic. Im empathetic, and like to be. But im not wise at all im sometimes kind of dense...
    4) I want to be seen as a free-spirit. Sometimes im perceived as one, but because of the anxiety sometimes im not as free spirited and untroubled as id like to be

    11. Determine your "felt sense" of life. To do this it may help to look at how you perceive events. Another way to do this is to look back at your childhood and think of all the things your parents did to you. How did you/do you feel about these events?

    My mother and my brother (i say mother because they raised me, not my father) always tell me not to worry too much, and to be sometimes more careful, because i can be quite impatient and careless and headstrong. They are my family after all! So they have always cared for me a lot, as im the youngest one.

    12. Core fears. You may have been aware of these fears even as a very small child, before anyone did anything to influence it. You'd be mortified to be in this position or have others perceive you this way.
    im afraid of being alone, really, i fear feeling trapped and alone, because i think im worthless by myself. Im also afraid of things turning wrong, because i can be pretty anxious and depressed. I somehow fear what the feature holds, because i font want to be alone, nor not having a wife or a job im happy with. But mostly my biggest fear is being alone, yes!

    Thanks so much! If you need me to add anything else, just tell me!
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    I'd say your core type seems to be 6w7 (most likely a counterphobic type). Granted, you mentioned dealing with anxiety as part of your growing up, and that might be influencing my judgment. But, what I'm sensing is a conflicting desire between feeling secure within yourself and the environment and connecting/identifying with others. I'd say 6w7 sx/so rather than 7. I wish I could provide you with something more concrete as far as MBTI type goes, but ExFP seems to be the right direction. My own subjective impression is that of an ESFP, just because I'm getting the impression you're more attuned to your environment than an ENFP or someone with Ne would be (such as myself, teehee). But, again, just a hunch.

    Welcome to the forum, I'm a newbie myself!
    "Inches make champions." - Vince Lombardi

    “When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.” - Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

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    Default M1Gxf7ZejU32

    Hi there! oh thanks for your reply!! You seem really nice!
    Oh! I've never thought i would be a 6! I mean, maybe as a wing of course! Teehee! 😃. I think maybe i shift from 7 to 6 or something like that whenever anxiety appears! Sometimes is like i try to "run" from pain and sadness by thinking on something good or by going out with some friends or my family, its like, i try to run from it to not to fall into anxiety🙃. Speaking of thinking, i dont really like to think too much because i get lost if for example someone explains me a super complicated theory. Maybe i can understand the general principle of that theory, but i can become lost if it is too complex and has too many details.
    I really have doubts too about being an S or an N it is something i cant fully comprehend! Sometimes i think i have ne because i just like to see the bigger picture and then working on something without details. But others i think i have se as dominant in someway, but then i think i have a poor memory (which i think is a sign of inferior si? ) like: i always forget where did i put my glasses, or my phone or my keys and i can be quite oblivious like: what did i came to the kitchen for? Or even missing something that is RIGHT in front of me (i said im quite dense )
    I also like to brainstorm and imagine the "what if pokemons existed" "Or what if whales could speak". So i never have a clear idea of if im ENFP or ESFP
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