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    I don't wear black nearly as much as I used to. I go for low key earthtones, nothing bright or bold. Also specific shades of purple...muted, but not light like pastels. I never wear pastels. I feel like earthtones suit my personality more than black and I think black is too harsh on my complexion. I still wear it sometimes though. I gravitate toward greys a lot though, it's probably my favorite (in general)...especially when paired with brown accessories. I use brown as an accent color a lot in place of bracelets, shoes, belts, etc. I also like fall weather clothes.

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    I wear clothes 50% based on utility, 30% based on comfort, 20% based on my own authentic aesthetics.

    Most of the time I try wearing something that includes all those elements. I have no problem wearing something ugly if it does the job.
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    I tend to wear mostly neutral or dark colors. Most of my wardrobe is black, white, tan, dark red, dark green, shades of gray (not 50 though), because I think they fit my complexion and hair/eye color well; also, they're easy to match between themselves and also with other colors
    Other colors I wear, even if less often, are pink, light blue, light green. I also have some orange and yellow clothes but I hardly ever put them on because they don't really fit me
    As for patterns, I love floral, stripes and plaid and those are pretty much the only stuff I have in my wardrobe other than plain clothes
    It's important for me that my tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories fit altogether and that they create a sort of harmony both in color and in shape, and that's why I try to never put more than one brighter color in my outfits, accompanied by no more than two darker or more neutral ones together. Many bright colors together work well on some people, but I don't think they do on me and therefore I always try to keep it simple, chromatically speaking. As for shape, I always try to put on something that emphasizes what I like about my appearance
    As for trends, I keep myself informed on them, but I only follow the ones I actually like. If something is considered an anti-trend but I still like it, I'll wear it despite it being an anti-trend

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    Quote Originally Posted by PaRkristol View Post
    I prefer wearing black clothes
    I don't even know why do I do this
    It's more comfortable when I wear exactly black clothes, it gives me a little bit of self-confidence
    Anyone else?
    I like simple and dark colors. Black, white, browns, forest green, navy blue, maroon, etc. However, white and yellow look quite nice with my skin tone so I do wear those colors often despite not being attracted to them.

    I don't like wearing anything too fancy but things that aren't ripped, dirty, anything along those lines.

    Nothing really gives me self-confidence, though.

    By the way, do you wear clothes of the latest trends on it doesn't matter to you what brand/year the clothe is?
    I don't really know what's trendy and how to even check the years of clothing. Brands mean nothing to me, I buy cheap shit all the time.

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