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    Things and stuff.

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    Vulnerable. Idk why

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    @Frosty -- Love your Twilight Zone pic.


    The reason why probably isn't healthy, but I feel pretty great right now.

    My ex -- the one whose father the baby's would have been -- texted me today while I was out, and I didn't respond. Just deleted the text and I thankfully don't know his number by heart, so I couldn't respond even if I DID want to. Our last interaction was me leaving the apartment he and his roommate lived in, after being blatantly lied to about the nature of their relationship in the past as well as other things, and after him kicking me out for being angry with him upon him lying about something else hugely important. I was embarrassed but still had no intention of doing anything to him to 'make up for it' (which, I'll be honest..getting non-violent revenge has been a habit for me in the past. It used to help me feel like I hadn't lost my inner-peace entirely.) It turns out, I didn't even have to. He messaged me on his own, and got rejected on his own.

    It's funny; I was never really heart-broken after the fact because he lied so much that I couldn't really be 'sad' about losing him. But I DID have a loss of pride due to what I let him do to me, WHILE I was pregnant no less. And the loss of pride hurt the worst. I feel like I regained some today. I guess my peace of mind is more important to me than the fear of ending up alone. For that I'm extremely grateful, as I've seen how badly the reverse works out for pretty much everyone. In a weird way I do think it's a sign that I've grown up even a little bit more.

    I've learned to accept the fact, I think, that bad things are going to happen to me. But if I know what I care about most KNOWING bad things happen, maybe I can know what it is I should be most protective of.
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    My neighbor housemate is back. I was hoping that he would complain when the other housemates are being too loud but he still hasn't.

    I really have to do everything myself here, gosh. At least I am going to look for a new room tomorrow at 9:30AM. It's 1AM right now. RIP sleep. I also genuinely don't understand how people are so fucking loud and social. What the fuck bruh. Or social, towards each other at least, not towards my ears.
    Until You Decide What Happens, Everything Is Happening At Once

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    I feel pretty okay lately. Not fulfilled per se, but definitely not terrible. I had forgotten what it's like.
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