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    God I hate that I am consistently stifled in nearly every opportunity to do things these which are so fundamentally “ me.”
    “ Rise up and raise the iron roof off
    Now, Rise up and riot 'til the bomb drops
    Now, Rise up the time is right to sound off, so
    Rise with me, rise with me, rise with me (RISE UP!)”

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    From the values you selected it is clear that you operate across a number of areas and are therefore adaptable
    and able to focus on supporting the common good as well as your own self interests.

    Your values show:
    · Demonstrating determination and ownership of your actions helps others to know they can count on you.
    · You are protective and considerate of others.
    · You like to ensure information is clearly understood and expressed.
    · Utilising your skills and experience to mediate with others allows you to solve issues that arise.
    · You like to be effective in your endeavors and make best use of your time.
    · Ensuring that people are treated justly and that everyone has the same opportunities are essential for
    · It is important that you feel secure and you seek to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm.

    The type of values you selected indicates that your individual capabilities and the connections you build with
    others are both important to you.

    Understanding our values helps us better understand ourselves and why we may act or react in the way that
    we do. For example, if someone undermines one of your values it can result in feelings of hurt; you would be
    likely to feel upset if your value of "accountability" was not being honored by someone else. Similarly, if you
    make a decision which goes against one of your values this may lead you to feel uneasy or unsettled about the
    decision, because you are not being true to yourself.

    You have selected one value which might be classed as potentially limiting or fear based:
    Caution: Demonstrating care, thoughtfulness and lack of haste allow you to curtail risk, but be aware that this
    can hinder your ability to fully explore new ideas or take new opportunities.
    Tritype: 6w5-9w8-3w2 (The Mediator);
    DiSC Profile: CS;
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin;
    Ilvermorny House: Horned Serpent

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