I used perc. One forum member said I was INFP.
Here is why I feel that may be the case
I always feel the need to do what I feel is right, with perfectionism, and I end up getting misunderstood and trashed and beaten by society in the process. I get impulsive, because I expect others to have the same moral code, but society I find, is harsh, and "fake". I have a logical side of me, and I use this with cynical narcissism and also an academic sage to say both, "I told you that was coming, why didn't you listen?" (but often i am wrong, and paranoid, and socially awkward and inept due to autism and other things) (cassandra syndrome), and at other times, "that always happens, why should i care......" i connect better with people who are empathetic, and I crave sensitivity and authenticity from people, not fake kindness. i am always searching for what is in line with what is right, and this challenge has led people to say, "what the fuck are you doing? how the hell did you end up from HERE to x, y, z? and all over the place?" especially with religion and deadlines. i also am very neurotic, and need to talk things over when i am upset. but people never have the time. i am ery sensitive, according to some people, and due to my autism, have been mischaracterized as coming across as "challenged" when in fact i am misunderstood or don't know how to present myself. i also connect to people who are very logical and quick, especially certain figures on youtube for a time, but found i did not have anything in common with them other than their willingness to support what i perceived as the "invisible underdog" ("white men and, when i was younger, boys") because i fell for the alt right narrative that too much reactionary social justice caused reverse racism and sexism ("and imho i now think they think that warrants reverse racism and sexism. which is reactionary). i see things as a cosmic whole, but can connect contradictions.