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Thread: Type Me Please!

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    Post Type Me Please!

    1) Context:
    a) I am 19 years old and live on the west coast of the USA. I am agnostic if that helps

    b) I am considering ENFP, INFP, ISFP, or ESFP. I'm pretty confident I'm on the Fi-Te axis and believe I have high Fi. I feel like a lack confidence in my own judgement

    2) I don't really know my purpose in life. I know what I want to do at the moment but I don't think about my purpose. I just do whatever I feel like doing at the moment

    3) I don't really see myself as one of them but if I had to choose I'd probably pick lust. Lust, because I feel I have a very strong desire for people. Not just physically but I desire them emotionally too. I feel my love is too much at times

    4) Analyzing your relationships with others, briefly describe:
    a) I'm mostly drawn to people who are good listeners and good conversationalists. I get bored very quickly with people who can't contribute much to a conversation or only talk small talk

    b) I feel I mostly draw people who are interesting in a long and deep conversation

    c) I am repulsed by fake people and people with no integrity

    5)I admire what people with great ambition can accopmlish. I also admire great leadership in people. They can go out there and inspire people to work towards a goal

    6) Describe your relationship with the following:
    a) This is a feeling I feel the most frustration with. I get angry sometimes but have a hard time expressing it

    b) Shame is a feeling I always try to avoid but when I do feel it it's agonizing

    c) Fear is a feeling I run into a lot. I usually build up the courage to try and overcome it

    d) I usually try to hid my love or passion until I know someone is not going to be put off by it

    e) I'm usually conflict-averse but I won't run away from it if it's unavoidable

    7) Fear and trust have been prominent themes in my life. Mostly through relationships have I experienced this

    8) Answer only one of the following:
    a)I'm going into school soon to become an airline pilot. I chose this career path because it gives excitement and will keep me interested

    9) When I meet someone new I tend get to know them as well as keeping them interested by telling interesting experiences I've had recently

    10) I feel that humanity is okay. I feel humanity is growing at a rate and size we've never seen a species before. I believe if this doesn't change a multitude of issues may arise that we may not know how to deal with

    11) I like reading books of a wide variety of genres. I mostly read literature and nonfiction. I also like going out and talking with my friends

    13) I usually like going out somewhere where we can sit and have a good conversation. I usually try to catch up on life and talk about recent drama

    14) I'll go with the popular answer of actions. I don't like it when people don't follow through on their words

    15) Oh dear, you’ve been cursed by a witch! It’s ok though, you get a choice on which curse you will receive. Will you choose….
    c) To lose your memories. I think losing your memories is the best option because it doesn't affect your lifestyle permanently

    16) I mostly want to avoid having no future. I always worry about whether or not I'll actually accomplish anything in life

    17) This is a subject I don't think about too much because I lose interest quickly. I feel the merging with someone else or something is unhealthy and should be avoided

    18) I'm mostly messy and unorganized. I always prefer to "wing it" and figure things out in the moment.

    19) I view comfort as something important. I usually adapt to my adopt my surroundings and circumstances as much as possible to get comfortable

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    I am confused, and perhaps nobody answer before me because of that.
    FP is clear and ok.
    I think you are not ESFP unless you are the awkward ESFP that hates small talk (ESFPs arent supposed to like them but they arent supposed to hate them), there is also a few things but I dont think its worthy pointing out.

    Perhaps you have 55% on I/E and N/S, and is more clear on FP.
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    A new vision of MBTI and function stacks:

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